Here Are All the Working Visas Issued to People Who Want to Work in Japan

Are you thinking of moving to Japan to start a career there?

More and more people are going back and forth to Japan ever since the multiple entry visa has been issued to many travel enthusiasts. But have you ever wondered how you can move and actually live and work there since you love the country so much?

For starters, here we list down the different working visa types that are currently issued by the Japanese government.


As the name implies, this visa is for university or assistant professors who will be employed at universities, colleges, or graduate schools.


In contrast to the Professor visa, this offers a more diverse workplace for those who wish to teach in schools varying from kindergarten to vocational colleges.


This visa is issued to those who were invited by research institutions to work with them and conduct research, investigations, surveys, etc.

Business Manager

When a foreign entity has a branch office or subsidiary in Japan and wishes to send an executive to become its director or president, or an investor wishes to create a business in Japan, the Business Manager visa is issued.


If you wish to explore your chances of earning an income for your artistic creations, you may want to consider Japan as they also issue the Artist visa. The Japanese are very appreciative of art and music, thus making the country more welcoming for composers, songwriters, sculptors, art instructors, painters among others.


If there are artists, of course, there should be individuals executing their creations. This visa is for those in the entertainment industry like singers, dancers, musicians, actors, etc.

Religious Activities

This is for the missionaries or members of religious organizations who wish to carry out their religious activities in Japan.


As common to other countries, this visa allows foreign media companies to send their representatives to Japan to conduct journalistic activities.

Legal/Accounting Services

Compared to other visas for professionals, applicants should obtain recognition of their qualification in Japan so they can carry on and practice their profession.

Medical Services

While this visa is for medical professionals, this, too, requires its applicants to obtain certification in Japan.

Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services

Up to recently, the majority of the foreign workers in Japan were issued with this visa type as this is offered to broader classifications. Generally speaking, university or vocational school graduates can apply for this visa as long as they have a Japanese employer.


Intra-company Transferee

Basically, this is for people who will be transferred from their head office to their branch office in Japan.

Skilled Labor

This type of visa is issued to those who have a high level of skills and techniques in a certain industry. They are usually chefs, wine sommeliers, animal trainers, pilots, sports trainers, and the like.

Technical Intern Training

The number of visa issuance for this category is getting bigger as this is open for aspirants who wish to acquire training to learn, enhance and master skills without the requirement of a university degree or expertise in any field.

Specified Skilled Worker

This is the newest category that makes Japan more open to foreign workers. Applicants can be those who are under the Technical Intern Training visa who wishes to utilize their acquired skills and actually work in Japan, or to those who have skills or experience on the 14 specified industries that need additional workers.

Sources: Immigration Bureau of JAPAN and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (22 March 2019)

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