10 Japanese Nicknames for Famous Chains You Should Know

Talk like a local by using them in a conversation.

In Japan, whether you live in the countryside or in the city, fast-food chains and/or convenience stores are ubiquitous. Japanese people love to shorten names for things, and they have developed nicknames for several of these stores. Check out some of them!  


1. McDonald's Makku (Mc) or Makkudo (McDo)
2. Mos Burger Mosu (Mos)
3. Burger King Baakin (Bur-King)
4. Starbucks Sutaba (Sta-Bu)
5. Kentucky Fried Chicken Kentakki (Kentucky) or Kenta (Kenta)
6. Mister Donut Misudo (Mis-Do)
7. Don Quijote Donki (Don-Qui)
8. Family Mart Famima (Fami-Ma)
9. 7-11 Sebun (Seven)
10. Disneyland or Disney Sea Dizuni (Disney)

, there are also several shop nicknames that veer far away from their original names. For example, Baskin Robbins ice cream is called 31 (yes, thirty-one) in Japan, because of the 31 in its logo as well as the number of ice cream flavors the chain offers.

While these are the most common names, people who live in different prefectures actually have different nicknames still! It’s very interesting and worth knowing when you come to live in Japan. 

 (14 June 2019)

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