Your Guide to Surviving Summer in Japan

Avoid getting heatstroke this summer season!

Summer in Japan is known as very humid, that’s why you may feel hotter although the temperature is lower than the summer in the Philippines. 

The ministries and Japan Weather Association call on people to be careful of heatstroke from June to September. It is caused by certain climate (high temperature, high humidity, no wind, strong sunlight), health condition (diabetes, mental disorder,
malnutrition, hangover, lack of sleep, dehydration), and physical condition (hard exercise, outside work, not drinking water for long hours). As a result, the body can’t release the heat inside effectively.

If you see these symptoms, better to take a rest in the shade. If it is the last two, it is recommended you go to hospital.


  • Dizziness or a hot flush

  • Muscle pain and muscle cramps

  • Listlessness and nausea

  • Abnormal perspiration

  • High body temperature or abnormal skin condition

  • Not responding when someone talks to you, and not being able to walk in a straight line

  • Unable or finding it difficult to drink water

There are many ways to avoid heatstroke, and you can find many products that can aid you, too.

What to eat and drink

  • Drink water frequently before you get thirsty: sport drinks such as Pocari Sweat and Aquarius.

  • Take Sodium: salty candy (sometimes lemon or plum flavors), pickles, sport drinks.

  • Take a meal with balanced nutrition.


What to wear

  • Wear clothes made of light materials such as linen or cotton.

  • Wear quick dry underwear.


What to keep on-hand

  • Shield yourself from strong sunlight: hat, UV umbrella, arm covers, sunglasses.

  • Use cooling items to lower the body heat: 


Portable electric fans in many colors, with stands and wrist straps, chargeable with USB.

Scarf and towel which gets cooler when it’s wet

Aside from that, sheet to put on your forehead, beddings, spray and gel, ice bag, etc.

Note: It is more effective if you cool body parts
with large blood vessels close to the skin, such as neck, armpits, and the front part of the leg joints.

Heatstroke Zero” activity by the Japan Weather Association

 (12 July 2019)

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