What’s Your Personality Based on Your Blood Type?

The Japanese believe that your blood type says a lot about your personality!

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Japanese people associate personality with blood types in Japan—and there are people who take this
very seriously (quite similar to those who strongly believe in zodiac signs). In fact, when making friends, one of the first things that usually get asked is “nani-gata? (what [blood] type are you?)” as a conversation starter. 

General stereotypes include
A-gata and B-gata being the opposite in terms of personalities, meaning they generally don’t get along, and O-gata being the friendly type who gets along with everyone. The AB-gata, considered the unique ones, distinguish amongst themselves those who lean more on the A-gata side or B-gata side. These traits are also used in looking for future romantic partners. In this article, we listed the common traits of each blood type below. It’s up to you whether to believe them or not!

Type A (A-gata) a.k.a. the Serious One

The most common of all blood types—40% of all Japanese people to be exact. A
-gata people are deemed as organized, efficient, and punctual—the hardest workers out of all the blood types. They are fastidious and detail-oriented. Making sure that all the Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed, A-gata people are quite the perfectionists and tend to do things slowly and thoroughly. They also tend to be calm—perhaps too much so—and generally do not express their feelings to avoid conflict. 

When told to be
too much of an A-gata, it means having a tendency to be too neurotic or to be a stickler for details. However, their detailed-oriented nature and thoroughness give them a good reputation as planners. A-gata who don’t fit the stereotype are told that they “don’t seem like the type.” Perceiving this negatively or not is up to the person. However, knowing A-gata people, they probably will.

Type B (B-gata) a.k.a. the Happy One 

Quite the opposite of the Type A people, they make up 20% of the Japanese population.
B-gata people tend to be happy-go-lucky and optimistic. They rarely get anxious and are open-minded thinkers. It is said that B-gata people are the life of the party in different social situations. They are free people, not bound by time and rules. They tend to do things their own way, but their pragmatic nature also makes them quick to adapt to any given situation. 

people are often told as not being considerate of others’ feelings, or being “different” in general. However, this makes them a target for envy for some people because of their freedom to go on their own and do their own thing. Criticized or not, they probably wouldn’t even care. 


Type O (O-gata) a.k.a. the Strong One

Strong, resilient, and ambitious, O-
gata are said to be the best leaders out of all the blood types (30% of the Japanese population). They have a wider perspective of things, (unlike the A-gata, who care about small details), and are go-getters who go straight towards their goal. Failure will not bring an O-gata person down easily; their realistic way of thinking makes them cautious the second time around. 

Type AB (AB-gata) a.k.a. the Unique One

Calm? Rational? You never know what an
AB-gata is thinking! Which is good, because AB-gata are the most intelligent out of all the blood types. Creative, perceptive, and curious, AB-gata people are often deemed as the “dreamers” and tend to know many things from a variety of fields. They are also generally more private compared to the more open blood types such as B or O. However, what is hidden inside is an overflow of numerous ideas and ideals. 

AB-gata people possess both Type A and B qualities, they are sometimes called two-faced. On the plus side, they easily adapt to people, and their empathic nature shows, especially when they deal with others. They are the rarest blood type, making up only 10% of the Japanese population! When an AB-gata meets another AB-gata, it probably feels like meeting someone from the same planet! 

What do you think? Is this true for you or for your loved ones? 

 (10 July 2019)

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