Find Out If You’re Eligible to Take the Test in Japan for the Specified Skilled Worker Visa

This visa would allow you to work in Japan.

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There are
different visas issued by Japan to foreign visitors. Aside from moving to and living in Japan, there are also specific visas issued to those who plan to work in the country. One of these visas is the Specified Skilled Worker Visa

Currently, exams for industries such as food service, accommodation, care workers, building cleaning management, and construction are being held in Japan for those who want to work under the Specified Skilled Worker Visa. These exams are going to be held in other countries in the future starting with the Philippines, Myanmar, and Vietnam. If you are thinking of taking any of the exams in Japan, you should make sure that you fulfill the following requirements:

1. Must be at least 17 years by the day of examination.

2. Must have a mid-long term visa, or has had the experience of possessing a mid-long term visa.

3. Must have an official passport provided by government institutions or any regional institutions of countries recognized by Japan.   

4. Must not fall under the following categories:
    - Exchange Students who have dropped out or were expelled.
    - Disappeared Technical Intern Trainee (TITP - Ginou Jishuu ????)
    - Holds the Designated Activity (Nanmin Shinsei ????) visa
    - Anyone who falls under the category of:
        1. Technical Intern Trainee (Ginou Jishuu ????)
        2. Trainee (Kenshu)
        3. Designated Activity (Nihon Ryouri Kaigai Fukyuu Jinzai Ikusei Jigyou
        4. Designated Activity (Tokutei Dentou Ryouri Kaigai Fukyuu Jigyo 
        5. Designated Activity (Internship ????????)
        6. Designated Activity (Gaikokujin Sougyou Jinzai Ukeire Sokushin Jigyou 
        7. Business manager (Gaikokujin Sougyou Jinzai Ukeire Sokushin Jigyou 

Under the current guidelines for taking the exam, even if you are unable to provide documents to prove that you fall under the aforementioned conditions in time for the exam, you are still required to provide supporting documents when applying for the visa. If you are unable to prove that you fulfill the aforementioned conditions, you will be unable to apply for the Special Skilled Worker Visa.

Are you eligible to take the test? What are the important things you factor in when looking for a place to work in? Share them in the comments below!

 (31 July 2019)

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