Useful Storage Tips for Your Refrigerator to Save Money

A person whose refrigerator is messy is a person who cannot save money. True or false?

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Open your fridge. What do you see? Is it stocked fully or empty save for a few bottles of water and maybe half a dozen eggs? What does your refrigerator say about you? In Tokyo Walker’s September issue, there is a feature called “The theory of a person whose refrigerator is messy, is a person who cannot save money.'' Is it true that the contents of one’s refrigerator reflect on how much money he saves?

In this article, meet
Merumo, a 27-year-old singer-songwriter who lives in the western part of District 23 in Tokyo with a monthly income of ¥180,000 and a rent of ¥100,000. We’ll share what’s inside Merumo’s fridge. Read on for some tips on how to organize food in the refrigerator from storage professionals!

Her refrigerator has a lot of beauty items, supplements, but no groceries for cooking.

Dried food that has been forgotten

If she places her powder and dry food together in a basket at the back of the middle tier of the refrigerator, she can easily take those out with one swift action. Labeling the food’s name on the basket will help avoid confusion and will prevent her from misplacing them.

Beauty sheet masks and supplements

If you frequently use beauty sheet masks, keep them in an accessible place. Collect all the supplements scattered in other shelves and arrange them neatly in the same container.

Food that is always available to fill the stomach

She always has yogurt so she can take her meals right away without having to cook. Easy-to-eat or instant food can be stored together in the tall to middle section of the refrigerator so that it will be easier to see and inventory management will be more efficient.

Beauty items and supplements are mixed in an extremely small refrigerator that cannot be seen without bending.

If you want to save money, why don’t you start by organizing your refrigerator?

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (21 August 2019)

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