Everything You Can Do With a Japanese ATM Machine

They're not only used for withdrawals and deposits.

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If you need cash while traveling around Japan, there are many ATM machines stationed around the commercial areas. You’ll most likely find one when you go inside a convenience store, mall, train station, office building, or pass along street corners among others. While these machines are mostly used for withdrawals and deposits, you’ll be surprised by the other convenient functions that they also offer.

Most machines already have the English translation setting. However, the functions offered are often limited. Here, we show you some of the common functions you’ll come across when you choose the Japanese translation setting. 

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Read as ohikidashi meaning withdrawal

You can be as specific as ¥1,234 on your withdrawal as most ATM machines dispense coins.


Read as ofurikomi meaning wire transfer to a different bank or branch

There’s no need to line up at bank counters anymore as you can send or transfer money using the ATM machine.


Read as ofurikae meaning fund transfer to same bank and branch

This is an easier fund transfer option for those who have multiple accounts.


Read as tsuucho-kinyuu meaning passbook update

If you’re not using online banking yet, this is a way of knowing your transactions.

You can also do these services:

?????????????/ Deposits
You can insert coins up to 100 pieces per transaction at the ATM inside the bank branch.

??????????????????????????????/ Payment for tax, utility fee, mobile bill, National Pension, etc. using the Pay-easy (pronounce as “pazy”) system

???????????????/ New passbook
You can issue a new banknote if your banknote runs out of pages.

?????????????????????/ PIN change

????????????/ Fixed deposit
You can deposit and make a reservation for canceling the fixed deposit.

????????????/ Foreign currency deposits

Do take note that these services may be limited to certain banks or certain ATMs. Other services like making inquiries, changing the maximum amount of cash card limit per transaction, debt payments, or even purchasing a lottery ticket are also available.

Another thing to bear in mind is that some services have equivalent charges and differ depending on the day of the week or time. Most banks don’t charge from 8:45 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. On other schedules during weekdays and weekends, they charge ¥100 per transaction or sometimes even ¥216 (both prices exclude 8% tax). 

 (15 April 2019)

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