LOOK: Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Astro Boy, and More Cute Characters Dress Like Rugby Japan Team Members

P.S. You can buy these cute items, too!

If you’re a huge fan of Snoopy, Hello Kitty, Astro Boy, and other cute characters, you may need to grab a hold of this collection—even more so if you love the Rugby Japan Team. More and more cuter character items that collaborated with the Rugby Japan Team are coming out. In this article, we will introduce recommended items from stuffed animals, key chains, watches, to fashion items like necklaces. Happy shopping!

“Snoopy Stuffed Toy” (¥3,100) 25 cm large

“Hello Kitty Rugby Japan Team Stuffed Toy M” (¥3,300) 25 cm large

“Astro Boy Collaboration Stuffed Toy” (¥3,100) 31 cm large

First on the list are the stuffed toys. Both the “Snoopy Stuffed Toy” (¥3,100) and “Hello Kitty Rugby Japan Team Stuffed Toy M” (¥3,300) are 25 cm large. They’re a good size to put on your desk as decor. The 31 cm large “Astro Boy Stuffed Toy” (¥3,100) also wears the Japan Team uniform. All the stuffed toys wear uniform with the supporters’ number 24 on the back. 

“Astro Boy Collaboration Mascot” (¥1,700) 14.5 cm large

“Rilakkuma Mascot” (¥1,200) 13 cm large

“Doraemon Mascot” (¥1,200) 13 cm large

Next up are the mascots that you can attach to your bags and pouches. The “Astro Boy Collaboration Mascot” (¥1,700) is 14.5 cm large, the “Rilakkuma Mascot” (¥1,200) and the “Doraemon Mascot” (¥1,200) are 13 cm large. All the characters look great in the red and white uniforms.

“Kinnikuman Collaboration Acrylic Key Chain” (¥800) 3 types in all

“Hello Kitty Rugby Japan Team Acrylic Key Chain” (¥800) 4 types in all

There are two acrylic key chain collections available which are the “Kinnikuman Collaboration Acrylic Key Chain” (¥800 each) and the “Hello Kitty Rugby Japan Team Acrylic Key Chain” (¥800 each). The “Kinnikuman Collaboration Acrylic Key Chain” has three characters which are Suguru, Terryman, Robin Mask.

“Jacquard Face Towel” (¥1,500)

“Rilakkuma Towel” (¥1,500)

“Doraemon Towel” (¥1,200)


Towels are a must-have when watching games. The PEANUTS characters are designed on the “Jacquard Face Towel” (¥1,500) with the words “BRAVE BLOSSOMS” which is Rugby Japan Team’s nickname. Make sure to check the “Rilakkuma Towel” (¥1,500) with thin cute lines and the “Doraemon Towel” (¥1,500) with a big Doraemon print, too.

“Kinnikuman Collaboration Clear File” (¥500)

Don’t miss out on the “Kinnikuman Collaboration Clear File” (¥500) with different front and back designs. It’s a collaboration of Rugby Japan Team and Kinikuman supermen with characters like Suguru. It’s a perfect design that matches the phrase, “WE ARE BRAVE BLOSSOMS.”

“108P Puzzle TRY SNOOPY!” (¥1,700)

The “108P Puzzle TRY! SNOOPY!” (¥1,700) is a jigsaw puzzle that has an illustration done in collaboration with the Rugby Japan Team. This puzzle has 108 pieces and Snoopy’s brothers and sisters and Charlie Brown’s friends from school are included in the design. It’s a great activity to accomplish together with your friends.


“Rugby Japan Team × Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro Sticker” (¥600 each)

The “Rugby Japan Team × Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro Sticker” (¥600 each) are stickers with Kitaro in the stylish Japanese uniform. There are two types; Kitaro standing and running. These have been  available at the Japan Rugby Football Association Online Shop since September.

“Snoopy Collaboration Ribbon Magnet” (¥2,000) *Price may change

The “Snoopy Collaboration Ribbon Magnet” (¥2,000) is out now with a hope for the Japan team collaborated with PEANUTS. There are two designs; the red one that expresses pleasure and joy, and dynamic but cool blue. Besides sticking it on cars, you can also stick it on your locker, around your desk, and refrigerator.

“Rugby Japan Team × Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro Tote Bag” (¥1,700)

This tote bag is great and useful with a spacious bottom and size that can fit an A4 size file. This bag can also accentuate your fashion with the chic black color and the red color of the uniform. Medama Oyaji on top of Kitaro’s head is also cute. This is now available at Japan Rugby Football Association Official Online Shop.

“Q&Q SmileSolar / BRAVE BLOSSOMS × Peanuts Triple Collaboration Watch” (¥5,940 each)

The “Q&Q SmileSolar / BRAVE BLOSSOMS × Peanuts Triple Collaboration Watch” (
¥5,940 each) is available, too. Characters like Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock wearing Japan’s uniform with a rugby ball are designed on the dial of the watch. A cherry blossom emblem and the team color is designed on the strap as well. This watch also has “Smile Solar” that uses solar power and is waterproof, so you can wear it anywhere. There are only 500 watches per design available, so don’t miss it!


“PEANUTS × Rugby Japan Team Pure Gold Medal Pendant” (¥162,000)

The last one is the luxurious “PEANUTS × Rugby Japan Team Pure Gold Medal Pendant” (
¥162,000). On the front is brave Snoopy trying, and on the back is the cherry blossom emblem. It also comes with an original box.

As you can see, there are various collaboration items. Enjoy rugby with your favorite item. These items are available on Japan Rugby Football Association Online Shop. But hurry, because stocks are sure to run out fast!

The prices in this article include tax and may be out of stock.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (19 September 2019)

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