This Is How Much Japanese Men Spend on Christmas Gifts, According to a Study

'Tis the season of giving!

During the winter season, everyone looks forward to Christmas. This day, once a year gives each one a chance to spend time with their loved ones and express their appreciation for them. In Japan, a part of this annual celebration is the yearly stress of thinking about how one will celebrate it this year or what one should get his girlfriend or wife.

To all the men out there who are still deciding what to get their significant other, we summarized last year’s research data on the average gift price and famous gift items. We hope that this will be helpful to you when choosing your presents. 

¥8,477 was the average gift price last year. You can adjust the price according to your lifestyle.

The first few weeks of December are said to be the peak of Christmas shopping. We suggest you start saving money as early as now so you won’t have any problems once the expenses pile up during the Christmas and New Year season.

Let’s take a look at the average amount that people spend when buying Christmas presents.

According to a research study held in 2018 fiscal year, from among 1,000 male and female respondents aged 20 to 69, ¥8,477 is the average budget allotted for buying Christmas gifts. When separated by age and gender, males in their 50s use the most amount of money with an average of ¥12,274. Next are males in their 20s who spend an average of ¥10,123, higher than the average amount for males in their 30s by ¥10,000. On the other hand, females in their 20s spend the most amount of money with an average of ¥7,899. With this information, it can be said that buying gifts for the ladies is a bit more expensive than the other way around.

In addition to this, the value of a gift given by a husband differs from a gift given by a boyfriend. It also differs if the recipient is a student or a working adult. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to offend anyone by giving an item that’s too expensive. For males, the average gift amount of ¥10,000 should be considered, before adjusting the price to one’s lifestyle and economic status.

What popular gift items make women really happy?

When talking about Christmas gifts, jewelry and accessories are considered the most common. Last year, these were among the list of top gift items that make women happy. These are the perfect presents since they match the bright and colorful festivities. Although luxurious pieces will make women swoon, simple accessories for daily use are appreciated too.


If you want to give them something that fits the season or that’s on-trend, fashion items such as scarves, stoles, gloves, and other articles of clothing are the safest options. These are cheaper than leather products like wallets, bags, and jewelry, so you can give them without worrying your partner about how much you spent. Be sure to take note of their favorite brand too, or pick products with earth colors since they’re trendy this season!

For those who have been dating for a long time or are married, loungewear, pajamas, and cooking appliances seem to be a big hit. They’ll absolutely love to receive sleep products that help them sleep comfortably at night or gadgets that lessen the load brought about by housework. Show your appreciation for their daily efforts by choosing something that fits their needs.

Experience-based presents, fitted for the mindset of modern women, have been growing popular in Japan.

Jewelry, accessories, and fashion items have been the most common gifts for special occasions. Recently, however, experience-based presents such as travel, relaxation, and special meals are becoming the trend instead of material gifts. In 2017,
Sow Experience Inc., a company that offers trial activities in various settings, published a press release concluding that the gift-giving culture continues to evolve from material things to shared experiences, which has a rapidly growing market. In July 2019, they exceeded 500,000 users.

It is said that times have changed from materialism to experience consumerism. People do not feel satisfied by simply buying things anymore. They are more inclined to look for value in the experience they will get or in the excitement they can share after buying things. Aside from keeping up with the recent changes in consumers’ needs, experience-based gifts are deemed more appropriate for women nowadays because episodic memory, which records past experiences that occurred at a particular time and place, is stronger for women than men. An experience-based gift is more likely to be memorable for them.

The data used in this article are taken from last year’s research. An article regarding the trend in Christmas presents and their average value using the most recent research data is scheduled to be released soon. It’s less than two months until Christmas! Be sure to refer to our articles so you won’t have a hard time picking the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Source: Rakuten Research “Survey regarding Christmas”, NestEgg “Survey on Christmas Presents” data gathered from April 2018 to April 2019


Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (18 October 2019)

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