You Can Find the Best Custom-Made Suits in This Tailor Shop in Japan

No matter the body shape, they got it all covered!

1F Yuzuki Kaikan 1-4 Yanagase Street, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture
Contact: +81-58-263-9039
Open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. except on Mondays and Tuesdays
How to get there: It’s a 15-minute walk from JR Tokaido Main Line Gifu Station / Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line Meitetsu Gifu Station

Yanagise Shopping Street
used to have a lot of boutiques and was the forefront of fashion in Gifu Prefecture. SATSUKI TAILOR is a custom-made store in one corner of this famous shopping street. In the aging Yanagese Shopping Street, the man who runs this store is a 30-year-old young man named Takuro Mizuno. He is one of the many important people who will be responsible for Yanagise’s future as he actively holds events that involve the entire shopping street.

Takuro Mizuno is a petite and muscular guy who stands a little over five feet tall and playfully asserts that he is 100% positive no readymade clothes suit him. He incorporates his experience in running this custom suit shop.

When you hear “custom suits,” a lot of people would automatically think of them as expensive, luxurious, and high class. However, Mizuno said he tries to serve it in a frank manner in order to not be too formal. Plus, his cheerful customer service makes it more approachable to people.

Mizuno also says he’d like different people to know more about the benefits and good qualities of custom sits. Mizuno used to work in a regular company as a salesperson after graduating from university. That was his first encounter in the world of custom suits.

One day, a customer came and consulted Mizuno saying his shoulder was too narrow so there were no ready-made suit that fits him perfectly. The tailor shop also makes suits for those with special and unique body types.

Mizuno had an interest in fashion ever since he was young but he was troubled in finding the right clothes for him since he was only 158 centimeters tall and a bit muscular.

He finally experienced the “perfect fit” when he visited and ordered for a custom-made tailor. Since then, he had the idea of letting other people know more about the goodness of custom suits and decided to pursue that career.

After undergoing training in a custom suit shop, he opened SATSUKI TAILOR back in 2016. There is a wide range of customers who come by and visit the store including young entrepreneurs in their 30s and 40s who are close to Mizuno’s age, and people in their 50s and 60s who appreciate genuine custom suits.


Order the best suit tailored just for you

You can not only create the perfect suit even if you possess a special body shape, but you can also get a suit based on your personal preferences. The first step in creating an ordered suit is to choose the fabric that matches your taste.

Most custom-made suits are around
¥50,000 to ¥120,000. Choose a fabric that’s close to your ideal style from the textile bunch (refer to the picture on the right). The covers of the book you are choosing from are all fashionable!

The books on the table are called
bunch which contains a lot of sample fabrics. Mizuno says he never officially counted but for fabrics alone, there are over 1,000 kinds. His clients would even tell him he has the most fabrics handled in Gifu prefecture.

The fabrics range from those locally made in Japan to those made in Europe meeting various needs of customers.

In addition to the fabrics, there is also a selection of suit types for you to choose from: British style or American traditional style, kinds of buttons, lining materials, etc. Mizuno shares how some people might say he’s not sensitive when it comes to fashion and it makes him worry whether he can choose well or not. But no worries because Mizuno will definitely give you good advice to help you choose. Mizuno also chats with his customers as he tailors them a suit making the whole process fun.

Yanagase is a town where you can feel “dandyism"

Mizuno who was born in
Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture, has never visited Gifu City to visit the Yanagase Shopping Street before opening his custom-made suit shop. He said there was no special reason why he opened the store there and it just so happened that they were looking for tenants. However, Mizuno now strongly feels the charm of Yanagase Shopping Street.

Mizuno had expressed how he wants Yanagase to be a place where you can enjoy being a gentleman.

He said after opening the store, he realized that a lot of people from Gifu loves Yanagase. He thinks this place has a great power underneath because of its trend of supporting the young people in the old shopping street. He himself has received various support and now he wants to do well in his business to reach the point of spending the rest of his life there.


Yanagase Sapeur
is an event held irregularly. The participants’ fashion matches the scenery of Yanagase.

Mizuno is also the organizer of an event called
Yanagase Sapeur. It is a simple event where people showcase “gentlemen fashion” and walk around Yanagase where dandyism matches the retro atmosphere of the shopping street. It has been featured in a lot of local media networks and has caused a buzz among folks.

Not just for business purposes, but the demand for fancy party suits are also high.

Mizuno who plays a role in the development of the shopping street through the event aims to promote the shopping streets by their shops. He explained his vision through the name in itself as a shopping street, Mizuno believes its shops will attract a lot of people. For example, if the tailor’s neighbor is a wristwatch store, and the next is a leather shoe store, one would naturally think they if they go to Yanagase, they will be able to gather everything there. He wishes others can have the same aspirations as him and open shops.

SATSUKI TAILOR makes custom-made suits at a reasonable price starting from ¥50,000. Get your best suit from this shop and bring out the gentleman in you as you head for downtown.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (26 September 2019)

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