This Carabiner-Shaped Camera Is Perfect for Travelers Who Want to Take Photos Instantly

It works underwater, too!

Last December,
Canon Marketing Japan released its new concept camera called iNSPiC REC. Now in the age of smartphone cameras’ technological advancement, the classic camera manufacturer created the palm-sized carabiner-shaped camera.

Let’s take a closer look at its features and its main differences from a smartphone camera. 

iNSPiC REC is a small camera that fits in your hand.

iNSPiC REC (¥13,800) is a small camera that weighs 90 grams and is about 110.5mm wide and 45.2mm long. The hole—a design feature of the camera—can be opened and closed, like a carabiner, so you can easily attach it to your clothes, bags, and straps. This way, you can take it with you conveniently like a key chain. 

You can attach the camera wherever you choose.

The camera has about 13 million pixels with a stable zoom and other settings like exposure and white balance which can be set automatically. With this, you can take around 1,000 photos or shoot a video that’s about 60 minutes long at full HD/60p. What’s more, the camera is also very tough, waterproof, and dustproof about the IP68 level. It can go as deep as two meters underwater for about 30 minutes and can be used at places where dust and sand flow in the air. It can also withstand impact when falling from a two-meter high place. 

It is waterproof for about 30 minutes at two meters underwater.

However, the camera doesn’t have a camera display that’s usual nowadays. This is so that the photographers can enjoy the moment and just have fun looking at their photos later. In addition to this, with the smartphone application Canon Mini Cam, you can see and keep your photo data on your smartphone and take photos using your smartphone as a finder. 

The carabiner can be used as a finder when taking photos.

During the product event last December 5, Yokomine Sayaka, an illustrator, tried the camera and shared her experience with us.

She referred to how quickly the camera turned on. She said that it was a very helpful feature, especially when taking photos of children since the best timing tends to be at the moment when one turns on his/her smartphone camera. Overall, she was happy at the outcome of her photos, emphasizing that she was able to capture their best expressions. Yokomine also liked the fact that she could press the shutter button as soon as the camera was turned on. 


Yokomine Sayaka told us how quickly the camera turned on

Besides that, she also said that the carabiner design made it easier to take the camera out right away. When taking a photo with your smartphone, you’d have to fish it out of your bag or your pocket before you can snap a photo. With the carabiner clip, though, you can simply lift your camera and take photos. 

Yokomine Sayaka’s illustration shows that parents can let the children use the camera without any worries. 

Since the camera is tough, parents can let their children take their own photos. She highlighted that this is a great opportunity to see the world from their point of view. 

There are four colors to choose from. You can also change the camera’s face jacket. 

Since the iNSPiC REC can be taken with you easily and used a little roughly, it works exactly like a film camera with lenses—only less bulky.

These days, many people are opting to buy smartphones with high-quality cameras. However, smartphones are also now becoming more expensive and bigger. Considering all of this, having an iNSPiC REC just might be more convenient, especially when traveling.

Thinking too much about the angle when looking at your camera display can also be time-consuming, which can take away your opportunity to get the perfect shot. But by eliminating those functions, you can simply “be in the moment” and take as many photos as you please.

This camera will surely come handy on your family trips, during outdoor activities like hiking and camping, sports-watching, outdoor festivals, and water activities. 

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (6 December 2019)

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