These Are Your Stylish Must-Haves to Keep You Warm This Winter

Stay fashionable in winter.

Coming from a tropical country like the Philippines, we are inexperienced when it comes to the cold winter season. Because winter is not something that we usually experience in our home country, it is quite challenging to choose or buy items that can keep us warm during this season. As we get to experience the freezing cold, we eventually learn that wearing a long-sleeved top is not enough to combat the chills. 

We asked our editors who have been living in Japan for years for their recommended pieces that should be part of your winter wardrobe.


A knitted sweater is a staple for winter clothing. Although there are other cheaper options, we suggest that you invest in materials like wool or cashmere which are well-known fabrics that can help keep you warm in the winter.

Drop Shoulder Turtle Knit Pullover /

Clothing with a big silhouette which makes your shoulder look relaxed is a hot trend in Japan. Its soft and relaxed look makes it very easy to coordinate with other pieces that you already have in your closet.


When you are outdoors, it is freezing cold, but when you are indoors or inside trains, sometimes it gets a little too warm due to heaters. In times like this, a cardigan can be your best pick since you can conveniently remove it anytime you want.

Funwari Cable Knit Parka /
E hyphen world gallery

This cable knit zip parka is soft and fluffy and feels nice against your skin. It is made from a light fabric that you can use to adapt on temperature, or you can also use it during other seasons to protect your skin from the sun. Definitely a must-have in your wardrobe, you can even use it casually as lounge wear.

Long Coat

A jacket can only keep your upper body warm so we highly recommend for you to have a long coat. This will protect your lower body from the cold. Coats can also be a stylish piece you can wear to work.

Drop Shoulder P Coat /

P Coat is a soft fabric blended with wool. Its loose silhouette drop shoulders allows you to  move easily and give you space to layer your clothes inside without it feeling too tight. 

Thick Fabric Pants

During winter, it is best to opt for pants in corduroy or with thicker fabrics.

Corduroy Wide Pants /


This pair of wide pants is made of fine corduroy fabric that makes it look a bit glossy. Its look provides volume and a hint of a wide silhouette that comes with a belt for added style. Pair it with dress shoes for a more feminine look, or sneakers to go for the casual style.


Instead of wearing sneakers, boots can definitely keep your feet warm during this season as cold air won’t easily get through it, especially if the material is made of leather.

ORiental TRaffic Side Gore Bootie /
earth music&ecology

Having gores on both sides and good heels help make it easier and more comfortable to wear even for long hours during winter.


Aside from clothing, there are also other accessories that can help keep you warm in the freezing cold.

Vans x earth Watch Cap /
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It is said that during the winter where your head is more exposed to the cold weather, your body heat loses more from your head. Because of this, we recommend that you also cover your head with accessories like knitted hats, beanies, or berets to combat the cold and avoid getting sick.

Fur Cable Knit Snood /
earth music&ecology

In the winter, it’s easier for us to catch a cold, so it is recommended that we should make sure our throat is kept warm and protected. Wrap your neck with a fashionable muffler or a snood that not only helps protect you from the cold but also from direct sunlight as well.

This snood creates a volume that can make your face look smaller and cute and is very easy to wear on a daily basis. All you have to do is slip your head into it! How’s that for cozy?

 (23 December 2019)

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