Ruby Chocolate Is the Next Big Thing in Sweet Treats at This Japanese Supermarket

These would make great holiday gifts!

If you love pink and the fruity sourness of berries, you’ll love ruby chocolate. Ruby chocolate is made from selected cacao beans called “ruby cacao,” and is becoming popular as the “fourth chocolate” following dark, milk, and white.

You can find these seven products featuring ruby chocolate at
Seijo Ishii. Bright ruby chocolate is perfect for home parties this holiday season. Why not spread some Christmas cheer with treats and sweets made of ruby chocolate that are loved by both pâtissiers and customers of Seijo Ishii?

Ruby Chocolate Popcorn (80g/¥690)

“Seijo Ishii Ruby Chocolate Popcorn” (80g/¥690) goes well with sparkling wine.

Love entertaining at home? Why not serve bright pink popcorn covered in ruby chocolate at your home parties? Seijo Ishii is especially proud of this product, having tested seven samples before coming up with the final product. They tested the percentage of ruby chocolate so that the crispness of popcorn won’t fade. They used blackcurrant fruit powder that definitely adds a fruity sourness and sweetness to the popcorn. Pair this with some sour sparkling wine and cider.

Ruby Chocolate Almond (70g/¥690)

They’re so delicious that you can’t stop eating! “Ruby Chocolate Almond” (70g/¥690)

The sweet sourness of ruby chocolate and the scent of roasted almonds make for a delicious melange of flavors. It was created after a number of challenges for balancing the quantity of chocolate and the texture of nuts. It goes without saying that they go well with alcohol, but we recommend having it with tea as well. Other than almonds, ruby chocolate covered walnuts, cashew nuts, pecan nuts, blueberries, and cranberries are available, too.

Seijo Ishii desica Ruby Chocolate Polvoron (90g/¥450)

Polvoron with a crushed texture has a new ruby chocolate flavor! “Seijo Ishii desica Ruby Chocolate Polvoron” (90g/¥450)

If you’re nostalgic for a taste of home, try Seijo Ishii’s version of “polvoron,” a type of delicacy that has a crumbly texture. It’s a great match for the taste of ruby chocolate. Powdered sugar with raspberry powder is sprinkled on dough that has raspberry granulated powder in it to highlight the sour and sweet taste of fresh ruby chocolate.

Seijo Ishii Ruby Chocolate (180g/¥790)

Glamorous just by putting them on a dish!
Seijo Ishii Ruby Chocolate” (180g/¥790)

There are many ways you can enjoy this small coin-shaped ruby chocolate. They’re delicious eaten off a plate but can also be used as an ingredient in a holiday dessert. Ruby Chocolate Chip Cookies, anyone? You can even mix them up with your fruit platter for a sweet and sour bite. It’s also great that they come in a zippered stand pack, so it’s easy to store if you don’t finish the entire bag.


Baci Ruby Chocolate (3 pieces/¥360, 7 pieces/¥990)

“Baci Ruby Chocolate”(3 pieces/¥360. “Baci” means “kiss” in Italian.

Baci is a popular Italian treat. It’s a soft chocolate with a whole hazelnut inside. “Baci Ruby Chocolate” is pink and cute, although no artificial colors are used. The flavor of gianduja filling and the sourness of ruby chocolate are delicious together.

Seijo Ishii Homemade Ruby Chocolate and Coconut Cake with 2 Berries (1 bar/¥799)

Bright pink and cute ruby chocolate products line up

This Seijo Ishii homemade cake is sure to be the highlight of any dessert table with its bright pink topping. It’s a unique product that a pâtissier created for ruby chocolate. Homemade jam, framboise puree, and coconut cream are mixed into cake, layering ruby chocolate ganache, and decorating it with freeze-dried strawberries and white chocolate puffs. It’s tastes as good as it looks.

Seijo Ishii Homemade Ruby Chocolate Parfait with 4 Red Fruits (1 cup/¥359)

Seijo Ishii Homemade Ruby Chocolate Parfait with 4 Red Fruits (1 cup/¥359) is made of two layers: ruby chocolate mousse and custard sauce

Seijo Ishii’s pâtissier makes this ruby chocolate cup dessert. The bottom layer of ruby chocolate mousse is rich and fruity with raspberry puree and red grape juice. Anglaise sauce (custard sauce) is layered next, and flake and cranberry crunch chocolate covered in ruby chocolate is sprinkled on top. It’s a gorgeous dessert with a crunchy texture that’s sure to delight your taste buds.

All prices are tax exclusive.

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