Adidas Adizero Evergreen Series Is Finally Here For Every Runner

Grab one before they run out of it!

The Adizero Series
are limited-edition running shoes from Adidas that were created for Japanese runners who aim to run a second faster. This Japanese limited model is supported by many runners all over the world. 

also sends its cheers to the Aoyama Gakuin University track and field club. This series has been out since December last year. Evergreen, a color that never goes out of style through time has its four unique types. It has ADIZERO EVERGREEN PACK including Adizero Japan 5 (¥14,000), Adizero Takumi Sen 6 (¥16,000), Adizero RC (¥9,490), and Adizero Bekoji (¥8,490). These shoes cater to the likes of many people, from professional runners to weekend hobby runners.

Adizero Takumi Sen 6 (¥16,000)

Various new technologies and high functional materials are used

The newly improved
MICRO-FIT LAST was designed by shoe creator Toshiaki Omori, to the 0.01 mm unit. By expanding the drop to 1 to 2 mm from the previous model, it was designed to develop propulsive force keeping the conventional good fit. By using Continental™ rubber which is mostly used in cars and racing bicycles in the outsoles, it will develop gripping power under various circumstances and will lighten energy loss caused by slipping.

The improved MICRO-FIT LAST is designed to develop propulsive force, keeping the conventional good fit

The high fit which is a feature of the Adizero series is supported by
CELAR MESH that is used in the upper part. It is the lightest mesh material that Adidas uses, and it does not only lightens energy loss caused by the gap between the shoes and feet, but it also supports the movement of feet by the fit that lets you run faster and longer.

CELAR MESH, which developed a high hold and comfortable fit despite its lightness, is used

For the midsole,
LIGHTSTRIKE, which is 40% lighter than EVA (ethylene vinyl alcohol) that is used in general running shoes, and yet has the same force of repulsion, is used. In addition to that, the best materials are used in every part of the shoes such as heels with BOOST foam which has a superior durability that doesn’t get affected by the temperature of the environment and makes it feel like you are running on a cloud. They also developed other ways to maximize the strengths of each material. ADIZERO EVERGREEN PACK has a high level of fit, propulsive force, cushion, durability, and force of repulsion. It is a masterpiece that supports all runners, from beginners to professionals.


Midsole LIGHTSTRIKE is extremely light and has a high repulsion

Running is an ongoing trend. There are many weekend runners who run as a hobby. This series was made for modern Japanese people to be an encouraging partner for every runner such as beginners who hope to start running, and those runners who hope to pass time.

Getting advanced with Adizero Evergreen Pack!

There are four types of ADIZERO EVERGREEN PACK. Available from ¥8,490 ~ ¥16,000

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (10 December 2019)

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