Heads Up, Sanrio Fans! These Items Might Be the Best Gift for You This Valentine’s Day


The 2020 gift set of
GODIVA & Hello Kitty and GODIVA & My Melody in collaboration with Belgian luxury chocolate brand, Godiva, and Sanrio’s Hello Kitty and My Melody are now available exclusively at Sanrio shops, Sanrio corners at department stores, and Sanrio online shops throughout Japan beginning January 8, 2020. Watch for these cute items!

Hello Kitty
and My Melody characters are popular from a wide range of people they collaborate with Godiva.

This special gift set collaboration for Valentine’s began in 2013. Hello Kitty is the ninth collaboration and My Melody is the sixth collaboration this time for 2020.

Princess style kitty and my melody are popular Godiva collaborations every year.

This costume changes every year, but this year’s peg would be a princess with a tiara. Notice the eyes? They’re very similar to chocolate in color and adds to the beauty of the costume.

2020 embroidery logo is on the sole.

In addition, the stuffed toys and mascot holders have the year “2020” on their soles while the neck with a logo ribbon gives it another special touch.

The mascot of "Hello Kitty Mascot Holder & GODIVA 2020" is about 13 cm high. 

Hello Kitty Doll & GODIVA 2020
(¥5,500) and Hello Kitty Mascot Holder & GODIVA 2020 (¥3,850) with a chain are set with 5 GODIVA G Cube Milk Hazelnuts.

My Melody Doll & GODIVA 2020
with a cute My Melody with a height of about 16 cm.

My Melody Doll & GODIVA 2020
(¥5,500) and My Melody Mascot Holder & GODIVA 2020 (¥3,850 each) have five GODIVA G cube milk set.

What are you waiting for? Send these to someone or simply buy it to give yourself a treat on February 14. Enjoy this year’s Valentine with a gift that combines deliciousness and cuteness from you favorite characters at Sanrio and GODIVA.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (8 January 2020)

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