These Valentine Cans From Garrett Popcorn Are the Perfect V-Day Gifts

Get one for yourself and your date!

The Valentine series is available from January 10.

Garrett Popcorn
, a long-established popcorn brand from Chicago, America, has recently released its Valentine series: the new chocolatey popcorn, Almond Chocolate Truffle, and a limited edition designed Garrett Valentine Can. You can also check out the Valentine Mix which is a limited recipe in a heart-shaped can.

Check out limited products that will brighten your Valentine mood

Almond Chocolate Truffle, new popcorn full of chocolate and cocoa powder.

Almond Chocolate Truffle (S: ¥620, quart can: ¥1,750) is a new recipe perfect for Valentine’s. It is
Crush Almond Caramel Crisp coated in sweet chocolate sprinkled with plenty of bitter cocoa powder. The combination of sweet and smooth milk chocolate and bitter cocoa powder with the roasted scent and texture of almonds results in a rich taste that has you wanting more.

Garrett Valentine Can

Garrett Valentine Can (quart can: ¥1,130) is a cute and stylish designed can with black and white stripes and many red and gold hearts scattered on it. There are large letters spelling LOVE on the lid, which boosts your Valentine mood even more.

You may select from eight kinds such as the classic
Chicago Mix and Caramel Crisp needless to say the Almond Chocolate Truffle. Since there is only a limited amount available each day, be sure to check it ahead of time.

Two kinds of cute heart cans are available from January 17

Valentine MIX (Chocococo×Strawberry)

Valentine MIX (two types, for ¥1,200 each) with a Valentine-limited recipe in heart-shaped original cans that fit in your palm is available again this year. Chocococo×Strawberry is a heart-shaped can with many hearts and kiss marks on it.
Chocococo Caramel Crisp has cocoa caramel crisp coated in chocolate and sliced freeze-dried strawberries. You’ll love the combination of sweetened chocolate and sweet and sour strawberries.

Valentine MIX (Chocococo×White Chocolate Bark)

Chocococo×White Chocolate Bark which is new this year has Chocococo Caramel Crisp and white chocolate barks full of almonds and dried cranberries in a heart-shaped chocolate brown×salmon pink can. Sweet white chocolate with crunchy almonds and sour dried cranberries are accents to the first chocolate bar mix of Garrett. You’ll enjoy the combination of milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Garrett Popcorn Shops has five stores in four cities in Japan, in
Tokyo (Harajuku, Tokyo Station), Chiba, Nagoya, and Osaka. Try the Valentine-limited special popcorn and fall in love all over again.


Provided by Japan WalkerTM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (10 January 2020)

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