Make Valentine’s Season Sweeter With These Rare Chocolates From Japan

We'd take chocolates over flowers any day!

is introducing a special chocolate collection this Valentine’s season. It will include pink ruby chocolate, the original Cacao no Mori series, chocolate made with rare cacao from Samoa, and Moheji chocolate with Japanese ingredients. The items in this collection are the perfect gift for those who love sweets. You can also choose to buy some for yourself as a treat!

is the most popular chocolate in KALDI. They will be releasing a new flavor—Gavarny Ruby Flake Truffles—which is made with ruby chocolate that’s widely popular now. Once you take a bite of the confection, you’ll enjoy the sweet and sour flavors of the ruby chocolate combined with the silky ganache. 

Ruby chocolate flakes and rich ganache cover the Gavarny Ruby Flake Truffles (¥350 for 4 pieces).

Baci Ruby Chocolate Stand Bag (¥554 for 5 pieces) contains ruby chocolate-covered creamy gianduja with hazelnuts. These are cut into bite-size cubes for easier snacking.  

Baci Ruby Chocolate Stand Bag 

Various chocolates will be released under the brand’s Cacao no Mori series. One of them is the
Cacao no Mori Ruby Truffle Chocolate, which is raspberry and champagne-flavored ganache covered in ruby chocolate.

KALDI original Cacao no Mori series’ Cacao no Mori Ruby Truffle Chocolate (¥370 for 4 pieces)

Another is the
Cacao no Mori Amand Chocolat. This comes in two flavors: Caramel and Coffee. It contains caramelized almonds that are elegantly covered in chocolate.

Cacao no Mori Amand Chocolat has two kinds: Caramel (left) and Coffee (right) (¥380 each)

Meanwhile, the
Cacao no Mori Tokagekan consists of colorful hi-cacao chocolate made with cocoa butter. 

Cacao no Mori Tokagekan Yellow (left) and Blue (right) (¥334 each includes 4 pieces)

Don’t miss the chance to also try the chocolate made with cacao beans from Samoa, an island country in the South Pacific. The 
Original Coffee Chocolate combines Samoa’s cacao beans and original coffee beans. It comes in two types: Mild KALDI, which is popular for its sweet and soft taste, and the Italian Roast, which is slightly bitter and sweet. 

Rare cacao beans produced in Samoa is used in the Original Coffee Chocolate Mild KALDI (left) and Italian Roast (right) (¥359 each)

Original Napolitan Chocolate Samoa has a refreshing taste. The sour and bitter flavors of the chocolate go well with the floral scent produced by the cacao beans from Samoa. 

Original Napolitan Chocolate Samoa (¥390)

Moheji, KALDI’s original Japanese ingredient brand, will release products that highlight Japanese ingredients too. Among these products is the Moheji Moheji no Wa Truffles (¥570 for 6 pieces) containing chocolates in Moheji Soy Sauce, Maika Amazake, 100% Okinawa flat lemon, 100% Yuzu, Kobashi Kinako, and Oroshi Fresh Wasabi flavors. 


Moheji Moheji no Wa Truffles combine Japanese ingredients and chocolate.  

Aside from this, there is also the
Moheji Matcha and Hoji Tea Chocolate, which blends the flavors of matcha and hoji tea with milk chocolate. The truffles have a silky, melt-in-your-mouth quality, while the leaf-shaped chocolates are much thicker. 

The Moheji Matcha and Hoji Tea Chocolate (¥700 for 8 pieces) have a creative packaging.

Check out these interesting chocolates unique to KALDI at your nearest store!

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (10 January 2019)

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