Grab These Limited Edition Starbucks Sakura-Inspired Products Before They Get Sold Out

Springtime is here!

The Spring-limited coffee
Starbucks Spring Blend was launched for release last February 14 on the online shop of Nestle and leading supermarkets in Japan. There are products with the seasonal motif of sakura (cherry blossom), such as a set including each kind of Spring Blend and a cup, and gifts great for presents. 

Spring-limited coffee is available for home use to enjoy Sakura Season of Starbucks.

Starbucks has released sakura-inspired products for the
Starbucks Sakura Season every spring. It’s the first time for Starbucks Spring Blend, coffee with the bright scent that signals the arrival of spring which is only available this season, to be available for home use. There are 3 types: Regular Coffee Powder Type (140g/¥665), Bean Type (210g/¥998), and Drip Type (4 cups/¥475). Latin American and East African coffee beans are blended, and you may enjoy the well-balanced richness, fine flavor like milk chocolate and sweet orange in your home or office.

3 types, powder, beans and drip, are available for home use for the first time.

Starbucks Origami Personal Drip Coffee Starbucks Spring Blend 4 Cups

There is also a set of 1 bag of drip type and original reusable cup (¥598) available. It’s designed with Starbucks’ green siren logo, and the reusable cup with spring colors can be used repeatedly, so you’ll want to carry it.

It has an attractive design with sakura-colored pink.

Cheer Gift
, which was limited to last winter that became popular, is available in a new form from February 28. Starbucks Spring Cheer Gift (¥3,000) that has 3 items, Drip Type Spring Blend, a reusable cup and a cup holder, is not only a gift for family and friends but also perfect as a treat for yourself (Cheer Gift is not available in supermarkets).


Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (11 February 2020)

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