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Many of us have long loved Japanese beauty products—from dewy facial masks to delicate blotting papers—but it appears that we’ve only scratched the surface. In Japan, beauty tools such as personal face steamers and eyelash heaters are not unheard of and, contrary to what you might expect, quite accessible. In fact, you can try some of these products firsthand when you drop by the Panasonic Beauty SALON in Osaka and Tokyo. Make sure to ask about Panasonic's recently released Sakura Pink Collection, which is perfectly in theme with the season!

These are some of the tools that are available for a test drive at the salon:

For those who love going to the derma, the Facial Ionic Steamer Nanocare EH-SA9A might quickly become a favorite. It has nano-sized steam particles that help increase your skin’s moisture and rapid cooling technology that helps tighten skin, making it look softer and more supple. Another cool accessory to add to your arsenal: the Hair Dryer Nanocare EH-NA5B PP. Developed by its in-house technology team, its moisture-rich ions or NanoE has 1,000 times more moisture than negative ions, which help maintain your hair’s gloss even as you blow-dry. FYI, this is convenient for travel as it has universal voltage.

If you’re spending a lot of time in front of the screen, however, you might be more interested in the Eye Warming Massager EH-SW68 N (golden, with aroma tablet). This electronic mask can help keep your eyes from drying out by emitting warm and comforting puffs of steam around them. For those who just want beautiful lashes, the Eyelash Curler with Separate Comb EH-SE51 separates your lashes one by one, and its heated wand even lets you curl your lashes more effectively.

The Japanese have also gone a long way with massage therapy. Powered by 80 years’ worth of relaxation techniques, the Cordless Leg Massager EW-RA38 has an airbag that can help relieve muscle tension in your calves, ankles, and feet. If you want something more compact and flexible, the Warming Kassa EH-SP20 is designed with four fitted curves that mimic the movement of fingers. When used in conjunction with a steamer, it is more effective on the skin.

Let’s not forget oral hygiene. The Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Doltz EW-DP53 has a sonic vibration horizontal polishing technology that can help remove plaque more thoroughly and is recommended by dentists. For travel, look into the Sonic Vibration Toothbrush Pocket Doltz EW-DS42 PP. Designed like a mascara wand and portable in a pouch, it has a brush strand of about 0.02 mm each, so you can reach those small gaps in between the teeth.

All of these products are part of Panasonic’s Sakura Pink Collection, a line of beauty gadgets that range from facial care to body care. Try them out on your next visit to Japan. Note that reservations are required if you want to try out the beauty tools at both branches.

As numbers of people affected by the coronavirus outbreak grow, the Panasonic Beauty SALON has been closed until further notice at the request of the Japanese government.  If you are planning to travel to Japan in the future, visit the Panasonic website to take a look more about the Panasonic Beauty SALON in Tokyo or Osaka and other Panasonic beauty products (JP).

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