These Panda-Themed Items Are Perfect for Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

They feature Ueno's giant panda.

Ueno Information Center
B1/F Matsuzakaya Ueno Branch (PARCO_ya side), 3-29-5 Ueno, Taito District, Tokyo
Open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Ueno Information Center is now selling new panda-themed items that are perfect for use during cherry-blossom viewing. There are cute original items such as towels and picnic mats designed with Ueno Zoological Gardens giant panda, Xiang Xiang.

Xiang Xiang Memories Towel

The growth of Xiang Xiang shown in 1 piece of towel.

Xiang Xiang Memories Towel (¥1,870) shows the growth record of Ueno Zoo-born giant panda named Xiang Xiang with a motif of all four seasons of the Ueno area. It has the same pattern as the towel included in the fast-selling Happy Bag sold at the beginning of 2020 but added with a variety of colors. This towel is planned to be sold all throughout the year.

Xiang Xiang Family TeaBag

A recommended gift or to bring with you on picnics. (Includes 1 each of the 3 designs)

Xiang Xiang Family TeaBag (¥594) is a hook-type tea bag designed with Ueno Zoo’s Xiang Xiang family: Ri Ri, Shin Shin, and Xiang Xiang. They look so kawaii If you hook their arms on the rim of the cup like they are having a good soak in the mug. The tea is made of earl grey tea leaves which also makes a good milk tea. The packaging is so slim that you can also bring for picnics, give away as a souvenir or as a gift, aside from simply enjoying this for a tea break.  

Odekake Xiang Xiang Family Picnic Mat

(Available from March 20)

An easy-to-use picnic mat that can fit up to two people.

Odekake Xiang Xiang Family Picnic Mat (¥1,100) designed with Xiang Xiang family is right in time for use for your cherry-blossom viewing. With a compact size (W1080mm x H720mm) that can be used by 1 to 2 people, it is so light and easy to carry that you can just slip it inside your bag. It is made with PVC-coated fabric so it is easy to clean.

Ohanami Panda Candy

A collaboration between Ueno Information Center and Kintaro Candy.

Ohanami Panda Candy (¥400) is a favorite item during the spring season. Their new design is inspired by the Xiang Xiang family which is only available at Ueno Information Center. With a total of 15 candies per pack, it has a combination of the Red-and-White Congratulatory Panda (strawberry and soda flavors) and Sakura (peach flavor).


Xiang Xiang Family Chocolate

Designed with Xiang Xiang’s growth process. (Includes 5 pieces: 4 of 8g and 1 of 16g)

Xiang Xiang Family Chocolate (¥1,404) often gets comments from panda fanatics that it is too cute, they couldn’t take a bite of it. They’re made with real Belgium dark chocolate with white chocolate drawings of Xiang Xiang’s growth. At the upper right is a few days old, Xiang Xiang, which reminds the fans when they first met her.

These themed items will definitely excite those who love pandas especially during this season of cherry-blossom viewing! Please note that while there are some public parks that are still open, most
hanami festivals have already been canceled due to COVID-19. Please check with the establishments before you head out and keep safe.

※Prices in this article are tax included unless otherwise stated. Some products or services are subject to reduced tax rates, thus they might differ from the listed price.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (03 March 2020)

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