These Adorable Fruit Merchandise Are Only Available at LOFT

And they're sold for a limited time only.

You may know LOFT
 as the chain that sells your favorite stationery and adorable household goods. But the popular store has collaborated with long-established fruit specialty store, Shinjuku Takano, from March 6 to April 26, 2020. They will be selling original goods with fruit motifs and fruit sweets of Shinjuku Takano will be available at some major LOFT branches.

TAKANO×LOFT “LOFT Fruits Parlor” ~fruitful ‘New Life’~ will be available at all LOFT stores nationwide, LOFT online store, and Shinjuku Takano (Main branch) and some branches.

LOFT Fruits Parlor
is held from March 6 to April 26.

Shinjuku Takano’s first full-scale cross-industrial collaboration, LOFT Fruits Parlor, was held at all stores of LOFT last year’s summer. Since the summer-like fresh and colorful sweets-designed items had good feedback and received many requests, the second project was launched. The theme this year is “~fruitful ‘New Life’~”. There are more designs and patterns than last year, and all 18 items 67 types of the new versions of original goods are available.

Fruits & sweets turned into goods! Cute items that will make you want to collect all are available.

For items that can be used daily, you may shop the
Vinyl Umbrella (3 types, ¥1,980 each) which are available again this year, and Handkerchief (3 types, ¥880 each). The colors that pop out and the eye-catching designs will make you want to grab a few for yourself. There is an abundant variety of all 9 items, 42 types lined up for the popular stationery goods. Decorate your desk with stationery that is fun to look at such as Rollbahn Notebook with Pockets (6 types, ¥825 each) with parfaits and cakes boldly laid out, Vinyl Pouch (5 types, ¥1,430 each), and Masking Tape (4 types, ¥440 each) with continuous patterns of cakes and strawberries.

Rollbahn Notebook with Pockets
(6 types)

Other than these, there are also cute collaboration items that you’ll want to get your hands on and collect all of them such as
Mini Tote (4 types, ¥1,650 each) with fancy clear materials, and Die-cut Cushion (3 types, ¥1,650 each) that looks as if a sweet has grown large.

Vinyl Umbrella (3 types)

Stock up on these cute goods at LOFT Fruits Parlor before they run out.

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (4 March 2020)

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