These Snoopy-Themed Kitchen Items in Japan Will Make You Want to Cook

You can make snoopy pancakes!

People are encouraged to stay home these days, so there are more people who have been eating at home. Being inside the kitchen every single day can be a little tiring but don’t you worry. These adorable
Snoopy kitchen items will surely help to keep you motivated. In this article, we picked 3 items that are not only cute, but useful for your kitchen needs.

BRUNO Compact Hot Plate/PARTY

The first one is the
BRUNO Compact Hot Plate/PARTY (¥10,120) which is in a gorgeous coral pink that is perfect for spring. Snoopy and Woodstock are printed in matte gold on the classically shaped enamel pot.

Check out the chic matte gold print of Snoopy and Woodstock

A set of flat plate and 24-hole takoyaki plate

This item can be adjusted steplessly from heat-retention to 250℃, and has a thermostat. It also comes with a flat plate and a takoyaki plate with 24 holes as a set. Since it comes with a lid, you may also cook steamed meals using this. It's a great thing that your cooking repertoire will expand because of this flexible cooking product. Imagine all the dishes you can prepare!

Pancake Pan (Bowtie)

Next is the
Pancake Pan (Bowtie) (¥2,530). This lets you cook a pancake with an iron print of Snoopy’s cute face with a bowtie. You can cook your food without worrying you’ll burn it because of its fluorine silicon coating. This is definitely the perfect item for those who want to make an Instagrammable pancake.

It is coated with fluorine silicon that won’t burn and makes it easy to clean.

To make a good Snoopy faced pancake, keep the heat low and flip the pancake early. Avoid overcooking the pancake on the front side. You may also opt to cook the face part only. Try to experiment on what will yield the best results.

BRUNO Multi-Stick Blender/PARTY

Lastly, the
BRUNO Multi-Stick Blender/PARTY (¥7,590) is a great all-in-one product that can smash, mix, cut, crush and whip. Its slim main body is light and easy to carry. The most pleasing thing about this product is that since the parts can be taken apart with easy attachment, it’s effortless to carry around.

You may smash, mix, cut, crush and whip all with this 1 machine.

It comes in 2 colors, pink and ivory.

If you want to cut vegetables coarsely, peel off the skin and put them in and switch it on. Crosswise slices will be complete within 3 seconds! Your eyes won’t be filled with tears over the hassle of having to cut onions, and you’ll be surprised at how fast the product works. During crosswise slicing, it will cut your vegetables equally if you push once every second for 3 times, rather than pushing the button for 3 seconds straight. Spend a happy meal time at home and relieve stress with these Snoopy kitchen items that will brighten up your day. Available at PEANUTS
 official online shop Okaimono Snoopy.


Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (21 March 2020)

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