Snoopy Fans, You Need These PEANUTS Storage Items in Your Life

Keep your space neat and organized.

You may be spending more time at home these days. What better time to freshen things up a bit by cleaning your room? Check out these cute
Snoopy items that will help you speed up your spring cleaning. Here, we will introduce storage items that are perfect for people who want to start a new and clean lifestyle.

Snoopy Baquet

First is the
Snoopy Baquet (¥2,640). A PEANUTS design is available for a square storage bucket ‘baquet’ that originated in France. It is made with strong and soft materials that are light and easy to carry. You may stack and store them in a small space when you aren’t using them. If you have a special lid known as onbaquet (sold separately), you can stack them vertically to make more storage space.

Yellow Charlie Brown brightens up your mood. 

Snoopy & Friends has a simple design that blends well with your room.

There are various options to choose from such as the
Charlie Brown with a bold design and a large storage space, Snoopy & Friends with Snoopy and his friends drawn as design, while Comic/White and Comic/Black are lined up.

Snoopy Collect BOX(L)

Snoopy Collect BOX(L) (¥1,650) is a stackable Snoopy storage box with a lid. It has a simple and soft design that matches the interior. You may store various items depending on your needs such as storage for kitchen supplies, clothes, towels, toys, and sundry goods.

Since it has a high capacity, you may put things you don’t need in the Collect BOX and store it for the meantime.

Because of its large capacity, this box is great for storing off-season clothing and old magazines. It has a lid where you cannot see inside. Put aside the things that tend to make your room look like a mess and maintain a clean interior.

Comic Shuno Case (Book lovers)

Okaimono SNOOPY’s original
Comic Shuno Case (Book lovers) (¥1,540) is a media box made of non-woven material. This storage item can store about 24 comics and paperbacks. Other than books, it can also store game softwares such as PSP and Psvita.

Since the top is transparent, you may easily take out the book you wish to read.

Since the top is translucent, you may easily check what is inside. It has a chic design of dark brown that goes well with any interior.

Cleaning your room and safe space is an effective way to boost your mood. Enjoy your time at home with these Snoopy items available at PEANUTS official online shop
Okaimono SNOOPY.


Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (20 March 2020)

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