This Nifty Kitchen Gadget Will Turn You Into a Master Chef in an Instant

Every newbie in home cooking needs one.

If you’re heeding the call of the government to stay home, you might find yourself cooking more recently. If you’re not used to cooking your meals at home, it may be taxing and frustrating. Luckily, there are tools that are user-friendly like the
Koto-koto Nikomi Chef. It is getting popular these days especially for newbies in the kitchen. In this article, we will introduce to you this useful item that comes with delicious recipes that absolutely anyone can make.

Koto-koto Nikomi Chef (¥8,990) *Size: W28xD25xH25cm

No need for fire

Koto-koto Nikomi Chef is a slow cooker produced by Japan’s biggest cooking video maker, DELISH KITCHEN, that has over twenty million followers. The idea came up from their desire for everyone to be able to cook without any failure.

It is popular because you can cook by just putting the ingredients inside the cooker.

Cooking is made so easy. You just have to put your sliced ingredients and seasoning inside the pot, set the timer, and wait. With the use of electricity, it simmers all the ingredients on low heat to let the flavors meld resulting in a tasty delicious dish. Cooking is made so convenient that you don’t even have to adjust the fire or mix the ingredients from time to time. This is also a great opportunity to cook with your kids while they don’t have school.

Cleaning is easy, too—just wash the inner pot.

You can make 50 dishes along with video tutorials

It comes with its original recipe book with 50 choices from quick-cooking side dishes to authentic food with corresponding QR codes for the videos. Their top 5 recipes are Hamburger Steak Stew,
Buri-daikon (simmered yellowtail with radish), Clam Minestrone, Oden, and Niku-jaga (stewed meat and potatoes). It also includes an easy recipe for cakes and bread that even beginners can try. You don’t have to do oven pre-heating.

Your dining table will look bright as you expand your food recipes.

From side dishes to sweets, it has a lot to offer.

Since we’re now spending more time at home, why don’t we make use of a slow cooker like this one and be an expert in cooking?

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Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (04 April 2020)

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