This Reusable Strap Can Turn Any Piece of Gauze or Fabric Into a Face Mask

It's made in Japan.

Piled up boxes of face masks is a common scene at any drugstore or variety store in Japan especially now at the peak of hay fever season. However, this year is different. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a shortage of face masks since the year started. To help with this situation, the household goods shop,
A.Y.Judie, has recently launched a strap that you can clip on a piece of gauze or fabric to create a makeshift mask. It is called Nandemo Mask (¥800).  

Immediately creates a mask with any fabric

A useful item while there is a shortage of masks.

Nandemo Mask (translates to any mask) is a strap with a clip to improvise a mask with paper cloth, gauze, or any fabric. Though it may not be as effective as the hygiene or surgical masks, it is still better to have something to use to prevent us from getting infected or allergic reactions and something that is washable while there is a shortage of masks.

It has an easy one-press button with a strong grip.

From the clip to the strap, all materials are made in Japan. The strap is made flat, so your ears won’t easily get hurt by using it for long hours, while the clip is coated with resin so it won’t harm the skin. It is made suitable for use by men or women, and they also made a size for kids.

It is washable and can be used by men and women.

Currently, there are four color variants: white, black, pink, and blue, but they are exploring more variations so everyone can freely mix up with any colored fabric and even make it fashionable.

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Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (10 April 2020)

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