Turn Your Home Cooked Meals Restaurant-Worthy With This Fun Kitchen Item

Presentation is key.

The chances of eating at home are increasing in Japan and a lot of people already want to explore a variety of dishes to serve on their table. In line with this, convenient cooking items are also being released. Take for example KOKUBO’s
Angel Plate, a donut-shaped item that can be used for cooking, making dessert, or for dish up. It is currently available at 100-yen stores like Daiso, Seria, and Watts, and KOKUBO’s online shop.

It is so cute and you can make a lot of dishes with it!

It is flexible for use with hot and cold dishes. You can either use it for refrigerated or frozen food or for dishes that are microwaveable. For sweets, you can whip up a cake with a pancake mix, or come up with cold desserts like jellies or Bavarian cream. It is also a useful item for easy cooking of curry, salad, or even some stylish sushi. This can be your chance to explore a variety of dishes.

A different plating of curry!

This jelly looks even delish when it’s cold.

There are three available sizes: small (14.5cm in diameter with 350ml capacity), medium (17.5cm in diameter with 550ml capacity), and large (20.5cm in diameter with 900ml capacity). The large size is still affordably priced at ¥200. You can even wash it in a dishwashing machine, so clean-up is just as easy.

Brighten your dining table with a dish made with Angel Plate!

For recipe ideas, KOKUBO introduces some recipes made with Angel Plate on
cookpad KOKUBO or you can search them on YouTube.

It is easier to learn them by watching how it’s actually used.

It may look like a simple cooking item, but you can create a lot of exciting dishes and step up your cooking game even when you’re at home. It will almost feel like you’re dining out even if you’re in the comfort of your own home!

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (21 April 2020)

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