These Cute Snoopy Items Will Help You Keep Your Hands Clean On-the-Go

Keep them in your bag.

It’s important to sanitize our hands and fingers of course, but we also want to keep everything we live with clean these days, such as doorknobs and dining tables. It may sound like such a dull activity, but things can be so fun if we’re using these etiquette goods of our favorite Snoopy

An easy to carry Snoopy Paper Soap

4 designs: horoscope, fruits, heart, and sporty

The Snoopy Paper Soap is pocket-sized and can fit your purse. You can not only use it for preventing virus infection, but you may also use it to sanitize your hands when there is no alcohol sanitizer or liquid soap available. After using up the soap sheets, you can reuse the case for coins, etc. There are 50 sheets (¥506) in one pack and these are available at stationery shops, variety stores, and fancy shops all over Japan.

Store wet tissue in a fancy round form

Color variations are ivory
×navy/light, yellow×ivory/light, and blue×ivory. The size is vertical 13×horizontal 19×height 7.5 cm

Sanitary wipes are now necessary in daily life. You can use them easily at home or in the office, and get sanitized by just wiping down your things or your hands even without water. But because these can dry it up easily, we recommend storing your pack of wet tissue inside this Snoopy Case. It opens with one push and you may take out 1 tissue at a time because the inner tap is made of soft material. The round corners will blend in any room. It’s available for ¥990 at
PEANUTS official online shop Okaimono SNOOPY.

It has a liberty print initial applique! Snoopy tissue pouch

There are all 7 designs with initials A, H, K, M, S, Y, and a heart. The size is approximately vertical 11
×horizontal 14×width 2cm

Tissue Pouch (¥2,200) features original fabric from Liberty Print owned by London’s traditional department store for the initial applique. Snoopy’s poses matching the initials are cute, and the colorful initials are appealing. Since there is a tissue pocket on the front and a pouch on the inside, it’s useful for keeping small things in your bag in one place! We recommend getting this for yourself or giving it as a gift. You can purchase this at PLAYERS Shop or Kawabe Online Shop.

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