You Can Purchase These Reusable Gloves Online

It's made with special thread that allows you to use your smartphone even with the gloves on.

Okada Shokai
of Osaka, which runs the internet seal stamp shop Inkan Hanko SHOP Hankos, started selling Tenitsukeru mask ‘tsu・ke・te’ gloves to prevent contact infection like how face masks help prevent airborne droplets.

It is an item to prevent contact infection (infected from the eyes, nose and mouth by touching your face with hands that have virus), which is frequent along with droplet infection.

Protect hands that are actually unguarded although you have a mask on

The store owner’s own experience of being uncomfortable with touching public places with hands inspired the production of this product. There are many people whose hands are uncovered even with masks on.

It’s helpful to prevent contact infection in various places such as hanging straps on trains, the handrail of escalators, doorknobs, buttons of elevators, and exchanging money when shopping.

Mask for your hands tsu・ke・te

Smartphone OK! Washing with water OK! The points of tsu・ke・te

Tenitsukeru mask ‘tsu・ke・te’ is made of 100% cotton, so it’s useful in the coming season. Since electrically conductive thread is used in the thumb and forefinger, you may use your smartphone with the gloves on. It’s also washable with a neutral cleanser, so you can use it repeatedly, making it a worthwhile buy.

A special case for your used gloves comes with it, so you can keep it clean.

Since you can use your smartphone, there’s no need to put your gloves on and off 

It comes with a fancy special storing case. Don’t worry about putting used gloves directly in your bag or pocket.

There are 3 sizes S・M・L so both men and women can use it

Why don’t you add guarding your hands to your routine to prevent infection when going outdoors such as wearing masks, washing your hands, and rinsing your mouth?

Tenitsukeru mask ‘tsu・ke・te’

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Kansai WalkerTM, (8 May 2020)

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