These Hand Grips Made in Japan Might Help You During Your Commute to Work

They're designed to keep you from touching things with your bare hands.

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, more and more people are wary of touching things in public like handrails, hanging straps on trains or busses, pushbuttons, door keys, and doorknobs. We found something that might help relieve our fear when it comes to touching surfaces outdoors. 

The item called
MAMOTTE (¥1,280), which translates to “hand protection,” is made of resin and contains antibacterial agents. It is designed to be used when grasping things or pushing buttons in public establishments without having to touch them with your bare hands.

A resin-made item with antibacterial agents to prevent contact infection.

This product was developed by
Ryoke Co. Ltd., a Saitama Prefecture-based plastic molding company with 50 years of experience. It was an idea that came from their employees. It is made palm-sized with an easy-to-grip structure so you can comfortably grasp hanging straps with it without directly touching it. There is a finger ring on top of it which you can use to press buttons with the bump of the ring. There are also notches on both ends making it possible to grab or rotate handles or even small keys.

MAMOTTE will give you peace of mind when holding hanging straps on trains or busses.

An impressive item to use when pressing buttons without touching it directly.

Can grab even the smallest knob.

Comes with a case to hang on your bag handles.

Colors available are pink, white, and brown. It comes with a transparent plastic case that you can hang on the handle of your bag for easy access whenever you need it.

This item comes useful especially with the new normal lifestyle. It is available online in
Yahoo and Amazon Japan sites.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (04 June 2020)

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