Buying This Happy Bag of Assorted Japanese Snacks Can Help Confectionery Makers in Japan

They're already planning a fourth sale.

Kansai Kashi Seizou Maker Kyuen Fukubukuro Set is a happy bag of assorted Japanese snacks to support confectionery makers during the pandemic. It has been a hit in Osaka.

Kansai Kashi Seizou Maker Kyuen Project
, which is produced by snack companies in Kansai such as Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe, sells the products. A sum of 4,000 sets have been sold since April 18.

They are so popular that the lucky bags of snacks are sold out in a day

End the loss of products beyond the bounds of companies

Kansai Kashi Seizou Maker Kyuen Fukubukuro Set started last April 18 to deal with the new coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic. A thousand sets were sold for the first project, and 2,000 for the second.

On the third time last May 23, product assortments with a sales price of ¥6,480 were sold 60% off at ¥2,592. The 1,000 sets that were prepared sold out in 7 minutes.

You may purchase snacks that were returned due to closures of stores and cancellations of events, through internet mail order.

Kyonishijin Kasho Sozen launched this project to help companies that have been affected by the pandemic. These are companies close to going bankrupt due to the coronavirus.

The project didn’t go well at first because there were risks on buying products close to the expiration date and because it was difficult to mix the other companies’ products. However, it was sold since there were volunteers from closed stores and factories, and participating companies.

People from participating companies voiced out how the project was able to protect the members and their families and they were able to send the products, which were made carefully, to customers.

They hope to spread the project from Kansai to all over
Japan, and they look forward to having the fourth sale.

, who is the store manager of Kyonishijin Kasho Sozen says, “We hope to connect the chain of support and appreciation. We wish to live through this crisis for the snack industry together while protecting important Japanese traditions and customs.”

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Kansai WalkerTM (30 May 2020)

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