These Cute Sanrio Cooling Goods Will Help Prevent “Face Mask Heat Stroke”

Plus, they look so adorable!

We’ll probably be wearing face masks for a while to prevent COVID-19. Wearing masks in this hot weather, we should be wary of “face mask heat stroke.” Wearable cooling goods are gaining attention with which you can prevent a heat stroke while wearing a face mask. In this article, we’re sharing items you can use in the hot summer featuring cute Sanrio characters.

The key to preventing a heatstroke is the neck.

Be aware of face mask heatstroke! The key to prevent it is the neck.

According to JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency), the temperature from May to July in Japan will be about the same or higher as previous years. Since it’s still recommended to wear a face mask, people are concerned that there will be more people who will get face mask heatstroke.

Doctors say that wearing a face mask in hot weather can make the body more likely to keep the heat inside the body and the face mask makes it humid. It makes you less likely to feel your thirst that can lead to dehydration.

So this year, it's more important than ever to stay in the shade where you can keep cool and to hydrate yourself frequently. To cool your body efficiently, you can start with the thick blood vessels on the sides of your neck.

Sanrio cooling items

This year, wearable cooling goods with which you can cool your body while transporting or with face masks on are thought to be helpful. We will be introducing cooling items that can let you spend the summer comfortably with cute Sanrio characters.

Mobile fans that are perfect for carrying with you

We will show Sanrio items that can keep you cool like this Handy Fan with character themes!

Now, mobile fans are common summer items. This Handy Fan (6 types, ¥968 each) with a neck strap has cute ears and ribbons of the characters. This year, a new design with Little Twin Stars Kiki & Lala, whose 45
th anniversary is this year, was added.

2 WAY Handy Fan (4 types, ¥1870 each)

This 2 WAY Handy Fan also came out, which is a fan you can hold  in your hand or set on a desk. It’s great for those who still work at home though the state of emergency has been lifted.

Ice cream-shaped Fan (5 types, ¥858 each)

There are 6 types of designs for this Ice cream-shaped Fan. It’s very easy to use; just press one button. This year, Kuromi design was added to the collection.


Wearable Cooling Goods can keep you cool

Wet Cool Muffler (4 types, ¥1320 each)

This Wet Cool Muffler might be a must-have this year, which is great to put around your neck. This towel becomes cool just by wetting it with water. It also comes with a container that you can keep it in while it’s still wet, so it’s good to carry around, too.

Ice Bag (2 types, ¥880 each)

This Ice Bag that you can use to cool yourself down with ice cubes and water gets a cute makeover. It’s useful after exercising and when you have a fever.

Ice Packs 2-Piece Set (6 types, ¥660 each)

Ice Packs 2-Piece Set which you can use over and over comes in Sanrio designs, too. They don’t get hard even after freezing, so they are handy when you go out with your children.

Make sure to drink water too! Prevent heat stroke with your favorite water bottle.

Mini Stainless Mug Bottle (4 types, ¥1,650 each)

Since small bags are popular right now, these mini Stainless Mug Bottles for 150ml are becoming popular among young women. They are light and easy to carry around and perfect for various activities like going outside, staying at home and using it as a mug, and putting it beside you for medicine.

Stainless Mug Bottle (3 types, ¥2,200 yen each)

Left: Thermos One Push Bottle 350ml (2 types, ¥4,290 each), Right: Thermos One Push Bottle 500ml (2 types, ¥4,730 each)

Remember to check this Thermos One Push Bottle too, which has a lock on the cap. It won’t spill in your bag, so it’s great for carrying around with you.

Guard UV rays when going nearby or while driving with these cute items.

Top: Foldable UV Cut Hat (2 types, ¥3,080 each), Bottom: UV Adventure Hat (¥3,080)

There are Sanrio items to protect you from UV rays, too, which are just as important for preventing heat stroke. The foldable UV Cut Hat has a cute Hello Kitty embroidery and is a free size hat for adults. You can change the size so it fits you best, and you can also wash it so it’s okay if you sweat in the hot weather. The adventure hat has a string to tie under your chin too.

UV Arm Cover (3 types, ¥1,870 each)

This UV Arm Cover has Hello Kitty prints and embroidery. It’s great for different situations like driving your car, riding your bike, doing housework, gardening, going on walks.


This summer, keep yourself cool with your favorite Sanrio character items!

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (11 June 2020)

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