The New Licca Chan Doll Comes With Cashless Shopping and Delivery Services

Licca Chan is geared for the new normal.

More than 50 years since its release back in 1967, Takara Tomy’s
 Licca Chan (or Rika-chan) doll is loved by many generations. They have recently launched a new series with the theme of the “new lifestyle.” Play with dolls and shop around while using mobile payment apps or delivery services which are frequently used by people recently.

Even children who don’t usually go shopping can experience it by putting items into their baskets.

Licca Pay de Pit! Okaimono Park (¥6,980) is a shopping mall playset that includes 100-item pieces, like a bakery with a tong to pick up bread among others.  

It also includes a self-checkout cash register which payment can be made using a smartphone payment application called
Licca Pay

Some familiar packages are used for a more realistic feel of shopping.

Scan items at the cashier and make a cashless payment.

For those who are in Japan, as July 1 is the commencement day of the law that will make stores charge for plastic shopping bags, those who will buy the
Happy Shopping doll will get a special shopping bag. Licca Chan certainly grasps the trend of the times.

Happy Shopping styled after a shopping coordinated outfit.

Licca Chan will deliver food items to where the tablet is.

Licca Chan Eats Otodoke Scooter (¥5,300) is inspired by the latest delivery service trends which are not only relatable to kids but also to adults. Place an order using the order tablet and when you press the Otodoke (delivery) Mode, it will automatically move to the direction of where you’re carrying the order tablet. The other two buttons are the forward and backward buttons, making it easy to be played and operated by small children. *Doll and dress are sold separately.

These are available at toy stores, toy sections at department stores, accredited online shops, and Takara Tomy’s official
online store in Japan.

*Prices in this article are tax excluded unless otherwise stated. Some products and services are subject to reduced tax rates, therefore might differ from the listed price.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kansai Walker™ (22 June 2020)

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