Shiseido’s Newest Skin and Mind Care Brand Goes Back to Basics With Nature

The brand's theme is the power of trees.

Last June 17, Shiseido
 opened its first branch for its newest skin and mind care brand called BAUM in Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall in Nagoya.

At the 6th floor of the Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall opened the first branch of BAUM.

With the brand’s theme “the coexistence with nature,” more than 90% of its products are made from naturally-derived materials and promotes a simple and easy skincare routine of
cleanse + hydrate + moisturize. They also take pride in the distinctive features of its packaging.

Some of its products are the Hydro Essence Lotion (
¥6,500), Moisturizing Oil (¥8,000), Room Spray (¥5,000), among others.

The wooden material of its packaging is a collaboration with
Karimoku Furniture, a manufacturer of wood furniture in Japan. They are made from restored fine-quality oaks (nara) that were generated from the furniture manufacturing process so each piece has a different depth of grain and color. The smooth and warm packaging is likely to be used not only as a skincare product but also as interior decor.

The store is designed with the concept of a place to encounter the blessings of trees.

You will also see Karimoku Furniture wooden pieces inside the store, as well as some oak saplings which they will be planting in the forest once it’s fully grown.

Saplings of the same wood type are grown inside the store.

What’s more is that the store offers a relaxing aroma of trees that is accompanied with pleasant background music so you will feel relaxed while shopping for your new skincare product.

Gift bags are also available in small (
¥800) and medium (¥1,200) sizes.

As they won’t be providing free plastic bags, eco shopping bags are also available with sizes small (
¥600) and medium (¥1,000).

*Prices in this article are tax excluded unless otherwise stated. Some products and services are subject to reduced tax rates, therefore might differ from the listed price.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokai Walker™ (18 June 2020)

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