These Face and Body Sculpting Products from Loft Are Worth the Investment

Stay pretty and in shape even at home.

Feeling out of shape lately from staying too long at home? Give yourself some much needed TLC with these shapewear and face sculpting products from
Loft. Better known for their beauty and lifestyle products, they also have items to help you maintain good skin and proper posture at the comforts of your home.

With good pressurization, the
MOE-sapo Pressurization Inner Wear Girdle 1/3 length (¥3,036) can help support your lower body and pelvis to improve posture. 

Meanwhile, the
La. VIE Kossori Bishisei Sengen Shimasu Posture Correction Belt (¥1,925) is a good item to use when you have round shoulders, or when you are concerned about your bust position or abdomen. Made of mesh fabric that lets air breathe through, the correction belt wraps your scapula softly and keeps your body in good posture--all while ensuring comfort. It also has a thin fabric so that it isn’t visible through whatever you wear over it and shoulder straps that can be adjusted according to preference.

Nyankoro Ball is a massager with a black cat motif. This product is also great as a present!

Massage your neck, shoulders, and feet to relax those stressed muscles with the cute
Nyankoro Ball (¥1,100) which can circle around in any direction. All you have to do is stroke the massager over those pain points and voila, you have an instant masseuse at home. You can also use this cat-shaped product in the bathtub!

Slim Walk Skinny Room Wear will be your next favorite loungewear.

If you’re looking for something you can wear comfortably at home while giving your legs the care they deserve, the
Slim Walk Skinny Room Wear (¥3,608) is perfect for you. While it has good pressure against your legs, it still feels relaxing around the stomach. It is also very stretchable so it’s convenient to wear even when doing housework. 

A massage serum that you can use for massaging your legs, tightening your skin, and boosting its hydration.

With chili pepper extract and vanillyl butyl ether, which are mostly used in salons, the
Esteny Leg Heat Serum (¥1,100) is a leg massage serum that warms up your legs and improves your blood circulation. On the other hand, the green coffee extract, ceramide, and hyaluronic acid components of the serum work to tighten and hydrate your skin while massaging it at the same time.

Contour your face and keep your skin healthy by using a face roller.


From the popular brand
SIXPAD, the SIXPAD Facial Roller (¥19,800) is a face roller that gets rid of fatigue by relaxing the muscles. Use it every day for best results!

Unazuki Exercise Kubi Tore helps prevent smartphone neck.

Ease neck and shoulder troubles that come with using your phone or computer for a long period of time with the
Unazuki Exercise Kubi Tore (¥2,178). It works by nodding on it and getting a good balance between the deep muscles on the front part of your neck and the muscles at the back to get that good posture. 

Want more of these products? Visit the
Loft Net Store for other items you can use for your next selfcare session. 

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (18 June 2020)

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