You Can Now Shop For Your Favorite Disney Products Online

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If you’re a huge fan of Disney and looking to buy merchandise from them, look no further. 

Disney’s official online store,
Shop Disney, opened on July 1 and offers over 13,000 original and licenced products. The vision—Anatatano Hoshiiga Mitsukaru or Disney with You—was to bring Disney’s most well-loved merchandise straight to their consumers’ homes

The store releases snow domes featuring new characters every month. 

These Disney snow globes are collector’s items.

Avail of mini snow globes (
¥1,600) featuring Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Pinocchio—or better yet, all nine Disney characters! You can opt to connect all the snow globes together, and display them in your room.

Japanese woodblock-like prints are popular.

Kawaii! You can also buy fans and mugs. 

Fans (
¥1,000), mugs (¥1,000), and stuffed keychains (¥2,500) have cute Mickey Mouse prints featuring Mount Fuji and pine trees in the background. Disney fans will also love the cool collection of t-shirts. 

Go crazy over these Tsum Tsum plush toys.

These Tsum Tsum plush toys are so cute! 

Enjoy the
Tsum Tsum Nuigurumi Set (¥4,500) featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck peeping out of a snowy Mount Fuji. 

Alice in Wonderland-themed items are also available at the online Disney store.

These are fun Alice in Wonderland prints.

Disney partnered with Los Angeles fashion brand
Loungefly to produce Alice in Wonderland-themed handbags (¥13,637), wallets (¥8,182), and rucksacks (¥13,637) with popular characters like the Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter.

The Disney Traditions figures are also very popular. 

Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and Lilo and Stitch are some of the figurines you can buy.

Fans will also love
Disney Traditions, a series of hand-painted figurines by South Carolina artist Jim Shore. Opt to choose from characters like Beauty and the Beast (¥9,500), Aladdin’s Jasmine and Rajah (¥15,000) and Stitch (¥25,000).

Arendelle Castle merchandise

Fans of Frozen will love these collectibles.

Frozen? You can enjoy the Disney Castle Collection, which features the glittering towers of the Arendelle Castle (¥14,000), and the printed notebooks (¥2,400) with full-colored pages of Anna and Elsa’s rooms.

Check out the Mickey Mouse Club merchandise! 

Kicking it old school. Mickey Mouse Club merchandise is available at the Disney store. 

If you grew up watching the
Mickey Mouse Club, you can purchase tote bags (¥3,500) and body bags (¥2,500) with fun retro designs. 

These Tsum Tsum Sushi clips can be yours, too! 

Customers who purchase over
¥8,000 worth of products from Shop Disney will also receive two Tsum Tsum Sushi clips from July 14 until supplies last.


Ready to add to cart? Visit Shop Disney at

*The design, price, and availability of products may change. 

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM, (10 July 2020)

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