Top 10 Food Souvenirs in Tokyo

Guess which one is the most popular!

Tokyo Station is one of the busiest train stations in Japan, with a lot of foot traffic from passengers from different railways, including the Tokaido Shinkansen. As such, it has become a popular place to get souvenirs. From Japanese and foreign delicacies to TV and anime character goods, First Avenue Tokyo Station has announced the top 10 Tokyo souvenirs from about 130 stores, including restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and miscellaneous goods shops. Here are the top 10:

1. Tokyo Banana Kitkat De Mitsuketa

8 pieces, ¥702; 15 pieces, ¥1,296

In just one week, 350,000 pieces of Tokyo Banana Kitkat De Mitsuketa or I found Tokyo Banana on KITKAT were sold out. We’re not surprised. Tokyo Banana’s signature thick cream is represented in the smooth cream between the wafers, while the carefully selected banana powder gives out that distinct Tokyo Banana flavor. Warning: Expect long lines and a cap on your purchase. To avoid the long queue, be at the shop inside Tokyo Okashi Land as soon as it opens. 

2. Tokyo La Boule

5 pieces for ¥540; 12 pieces for ¥1,080; 18 pieces for  ¥ 1,620

Landing in second place is Shiseido Parlor’s Tokyo La Boule (inside TOKYO Me+). Available only in Tokyo Station and Haneda International Airport, this cute dessert ball is made of crunchy cookies covered with chocolate coating and wrapped in cocoa crunch. 

3. Tokyo Caramel Wafers Bar

10 pieces for ¥1,080; 16 pieces for ¥1,620

Patisserie KIHACHI’s Tokyo Caramel Wafers Bar landed on top three. This product is a wafer bar with seven layers of crispy biscuit and smooth cream. It is coated with caramel sugar, and comes in both milk caramel and bitter caramel flavors.

4. Tokyo Rusk Collection

Tokyo Rusk Collection (13 pieces for ¥1,300; 21 pieces for ¥2,160 yen; 38 pieces for ¥3,240)

Tokyo Rusk Collection
consists of a bunch of their most popular items sold inside TOKYO Me+: the Premium Almond Rusk and the limited edition Assorted Chocolate Rusk (milk, raspberry and Uji matcha). It is a limited edition Tokyo Station item, and the packaging design varies depending on the season.

5. Salt Caramel Roll 

Salt Caramel Roll (¥1,543) of Arinco Tokyo Station

The popular roll is only available in Arinco Tokyo Station
(inside TOKYO Me+). With its doughy and moist texture, the spongy cream is a perfect match to the slightly bitter salt caramel.


702 for 5 pieces, ¥1,296 for 10 pieces

Another Tokyo Station limited edition item, the EDOMON de BAUM is a perfect balance of baumkuchen and chocolate and can be availed at Tokyo Miyage Center (First Avenue Tokyo Station). Fun fact: the name is a portmanteau of the words Edo (the former name of Tokyo) and the French word monde which means world.


6 pieces for ¥594; 12 pieces for ¥1,080; 18 pieces for ¥1,620

A representative of the Western sweets world,
YOKU MOKU earned seventh place with its Saku Saku Carameling. The aromatic and caramelized cream puff dough is served with custard-flavored chocolate.

8. Francais Best Selection

Francais Best Selection, ¥3,240

FRANCAIS’ Francais Best Selection is a collection of popular products originating from Yokohama and is known for its fruits mille-feuille. 

9. Tokyo Shu-kurin

4 pieces for ¥540, 8 pieces for ¥1,080, 12 pieces for ¥1,620

Waransaiho’s TOKYO Me+ limited edition Tokyo Shu-kurin are chocolate-flavored choux pastries filled with chestnut cream.

10. Nikukyu Madeleine

Nikukyu Madeleine (¥1,198) 

Tokyo L' Atelier Du Sucre’s Nikukyu (animal paw) Madeleine consists of soft and dewy madeleines in animal paw shapes designed with red cacao butter.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (26 December 2017)

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