10 Sweet Souvenirs in Umeda That Are Under ¥1,000

Each one is unique in its own way.

If you’re looking for something edible to bring home as
pasalubong or just something to keep your energy up during your trip, Umeda City has tons of options. From French-inspired creations to sweet mochi rice, here are some treats that can be bought within ¥1,000.

Dorayaki from Obusedo

Kuri Kanoko Dorayaki (on the right), and Kuri An Dorayaki (on the left)

Dorayaki is made with a moist batter filled with chestnut filling. It comes in two varieties: Kuri An Dorayaki (¥200) with smooth chestnut filling and Kuri Kanoko Dorayaki (¥292) with an enjoyable grainy chestnut mouthfeel. 

Obusedo is a chestnut sweets specialty store. It’s located at Hankyu Department Store Umeda (Main Branch).

Lemonase from Gin no Budou

Lemonase (12 pieces for ¥864)

These Lang de Chat cookies made with white chocolate infused with the flavor of lemon juice come with a pleasing crunch and the fresh aroma of whole lemons.

Gin no Budou is located at Hankyu Department Store Umeda (Main Branch).

Tanebits from Kameda Seika

Using four processes of char-broiling, deep-frying, smoking, and pickling, Kameda’s Kaki no Tane is transformed into premium Kaki no Tane that has a delicious aftertaste.

Tanebits (15g x 4 packs, each flavor for ¥540)

Kameda Seika is located at Hankyu Department Store Umeda (Main Branch).

Grand Calbee Aburi Crisp from Grand Calbee

Grand Calbee Aburi Crisp (15g x 4 packs, ¥580)

Hankyu Umeda Main Branch and Calbee have partnered up to develop a new kind of potato chip, where the flavor of the potato is sealed through broiling, and results in an even more savory aroma.

Grand Calbee is located at Hankyu Department Store Umeda (Main Branch).

Harukaze – Peche Chocolat Blanc from HIBIKA

Harukaze – Peche Chocolat Blanc (¥700)

This peach-colored mousse is made with peach (peche in French) sauce and mousse wrapped around a white chocolate (chocolat blanc in French) mousse with sweet and sour berries and meringue accents. It has a delicate design that shows the four seasons of Japan.

This item is only available until May. HIBIKA is located at Hankyu Department Store Umeda (Main Branch).

Magokoro from Sazae

Magokoro (5 pieces for ¥702)

Using 100% of Tokachi produced red beans, Sazae is famous for its taiyaki (fish-shaped cake) and ohagi (sticky rice ball). Their latest offering, Magokoro, is a red bean paste wrapped around a batter made from dark roasted soy bean flour. Brown sugar syrup is added to give a hint of bitterness that creates a rich taste. 

Sazae is located at Hankyu Department Store Umeda (Main Branch).

Toncho from Kinugasa

Toncho (each for ¥350)

It is the flagship product of Kinugasa, a well-established Japanese sweets shop in Osaka. It’s a rice dish (Okowa) made from steamed Japanese mochi with soy beans, salted konbu (seaweed / kelp), and plums for coloring.

Kinugasa is located at Hankyu Department Store Umeda (Main Branch).

Mitarashi Dango from Kiyasu Souhonpo (Main Branch)

Mitarashi Dango (10 sticks for ¥920)

As everyone knows, this popular Mitarashi Dango is from a famous Japanese sweets shop in Juso, Osaka. These dumplings are exceptionally aromatic, fluffily textured, and are grilled and coated with a specially formulated salty-sweet sauce after being ordered. 

Kiyasu Souhonpo (Main Branch) is located at Daimaru Umeda Branch.

Takumi Roll from Mikage Yamate Roll

Takumi Roll (1 roll for ¥870) 

Created with Hokkaido’s fresh cream, the Takumi Roll is a simple and basic roll cake with a prominent flavor that is unique only to Takumi (Artisan). 

Mikage Yamate Roll is located at Daimaru Umeda Branch.

Maro from JUKKA

Maro (16 pieces for ¥648)

The popular Maro is a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth mochi dough coated with fruit powder. It has a new taste that traditional rice sweets cannot capture. 

JUKKA is located at Daimaru Umeda Branch.

*The information on this article is based on March 1, 2018 reports. 

Provided by Japan Walker ™, Walker Plus ™, and Kansai Walker ™ (3 April 2018)

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