The Days of Ugly Acupressure Products Are Over, Thanks to This Japanese Company

Say goodbye to scary-looking pressure mats.

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MARNA, INC. has launched bird-shaped massager Nemuketori Kaori (¥980, without tax) and Nemuketori Munyu (¥980, without tax) in specialty stores, mass market retailers, and its official online store.

Nemuketori Kaori is a made from pottery- ceramic acupressure massager that helps relieve pain on the neck and hands. Using its head, tail, or beak, you can stimulate certain points of your body to soothe aching muscles. Leave a few drops of aroma oil on the attached paper and put it inside the bird, and it’ll give off a fragrant scent from the side every time you press the acupressure points. An aroma oil such as peppermint is recommended to shake off sleepiness.

On the other hand, Nemuketori Munyu is a stress ball shaped like a bird. The tail, however, is made from a hard material, which is used to perform acupressure on the neck or hand. You can relieve a bit of drowsiness by gripping the bird with the tail down to stimulate your palm.

Both of them are easy to use when you want to change your mood or when you feel sleepy in the office. 

Provided by Japan Walker™ and Tokyo Walker™ (13 February 2018)

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