What to Bring to Japan’s Fireworks Festivals

You can find all of them in 100-yen shops!

Japan has a lot of 100-yen shops that are perfect for buying items at the last minute. If you’re on your way to one of the season’s fireworks festivals, duck inside one store and pick up these essentials:




These old-style fans are perfect for the atmosphere of a fireworks festival. They’re best paired with a yukata or a summer kimono.

Cooling merchandise


 Cooling gels, sheets, and sprays -- look for the most effective one that best fits your needs.  

Cooling packs


These can keep your lunch boxes or PET bottles cool, so you can enjoy a nice drink while watching the fireworks.

Salt tablets and table salt candies


With Japan’s hot summers, you must have countermeasures for heat strokes.


Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (2018 June 12)

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