This Famous Pastry Shop in Ginza Designed 23 Christmas Cakes This Year

Take your pick!

Christmas cakes are a big deal in Japan. In fact, some shops, including the famous Ginza Cozy Corner, start accepting reservations as early as October. Founded in 1948, the long-established pastry shop has 23 Christmas cakes on offer this year. According to their spokesperson, they started taking orders early because they want everyone to take their time selecting a Christmas cake.

Assorted Christmas gives you a taste of different slices (8 pcs for ¥3300, 6 pcs. for ¥2,800, and 4 pcs. for ¥2,800)


This year is also special for Ginza Cozy Corner as they will be celebrating their 70th anniversary. Despite having been around for a long time, however, some things have remained the same, such as the fact that everyone is still fond of their Strawberry Sandwich (No. 4, ¥3,200 yen, No. 5, ¥3,900 yen, No. 6, ¥5,400 yen), which was sold from the beginning.

The Christmas Party set is composed of pretty Christmas petit cakes (12 pcs. for ¥3,000 and 9 pcs. for ¥2,400).


At the Ginza Cozy Corner, the Christmas Assortment (4 assorted cakes for ¥2,300, 6 assorted cakes for ¥2,800, and 8 assorted cakes for ¥3,300) combines all eight types of sliced cakes including the Chestnut Shortcake, Chocolate Strawberries, and Rare Cheesecake, among others.


On the other hand, Christmas Party (9 pcs for ¥2,400, 12 pcs for ¥3,000) is an assortment of petit cakes topped with Christmas decorations.

This mini-sized Christmas Petit Decoration is all decked out in strawberries and Santa Claus sugar confectionery. (Diameter 9.5 cm / ¥1,400)


In addition, mini-sized Christmas cakes and sliced cakes are prepared for those who plan to celebrate the season in small groups. For something truly decadent, however, try to get a hold of their new product called Miloire Chocolat (No. 4 for ¥4,000). Only available for the first 1,000 customers, the carefully selected Belgian chocolate has an extraordinary rich taste and a splendid mirror-like finish.

Luxurious chocolate cake Mirroir Chocolat

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker ™ (1 October 2018)

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