Hyatt Regency Tokyo’s Christmas Cakes Are Popular for a Reason

How can you eat them?

Hyatt Regency Tokyo

2-7-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku District, Tokyo

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At Hyatt Regency Tokyo’s Pastry Shop, reservations for various Christmas cakes have started as early as October 19. Last year’s popular snowmen cakes are back on the roster, but new cakes are also on offer.

This year, there will be four kinds of Christmas cakes. The soft cake, Snowman (¥4,860), is popular every year. Inside the white chocolate mousse is the sweet and sour raspberry julep, mousse, and almond biscuit. Everyone, from children to adults, can enjoy this cake.


Rudolf (¥4,860) is a new cake that will possibly be sold out this year. Although it is very cute, it has a rich and slightly bitter taste because of the chocolate and hazelnut. The reindeers are so adorable and look like they will run out hauling Santa’s sled any moment!

Made with chocolate cream and mousse, Boule de Noel (¥4,644) is made to look like a set of Christmas ornaments. The classic strawberry shortcake, Christmas Shortcake (¥2,700), and Vanilla Kipferl (¥864), a new Christmas treat from the Alsace Region, complete this year’s Christmas sweets.

According to the promoting director, “Last year, Snowman was so popular that it sold out very early. Some customers said they wanted to buy it but couldn’t, so this year, we decreased the number of kinds of cakes, so that we can make more for each kind! We hope you all enjoy.”


Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (1 October 2018)

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