We Round Up the Best 2019 Planners from LOFT

Planner season is here!

At LOFT, 4.5 million diaries are sold every year. Due to this, there were many new planners displayed at the kickoff event held in Tokyo. Here are some of the nicest planners from the lineup.

Bullet Journals

Special feature on the Bullet Journal

Bullet journaling became popular because it allows people to customize their planners any way they want to. Into bullet journaling? Look for the
Quo Vadis Life Journal Dot (¥2,700) and the RHODIA Goal Book (¥3,024).

Doraemon! Hobonichi Planner


Hobonichi Techo is a famous kind of journal in Japan. This year, they came out with  journals in Doraemon designs: Honwakapappa Doraemon (¥2,592), Noby and Sue (main set ¥4,752), and I’m Doraemon (main set ¥4,752).

Limited edition LOFT planners

Limited LOFT Daily Planner weeks MEGA in Mint (¥2,376)

There is also a limited edition LOFT-colored planner called
Weeks MEGA Mint (¥2,376).

Quo Vadis x Marie Assenat Planners

A collaboration diary with Marie Assenat

Quo Vadis has teamed up with French illustrator Marie Assenat  to create the prettiest journals. The double-page standard monthly
Visoplan (¥1,728) and the light square-shaped monthly Carreplan (¥2,376) come in three designs of cats, dogs, and rabbits. You can also check out the Visoplan’s lined notebooks (¥864 yen for a set of 3). Lastly, check out the LOFT-limited Executive Notebook (¥3,888), and the Visoplan Prestige (¥2,160) which are results of a collaboration with Yu Nagaba.

The MATOKA series of EL COMMUN

Matoka series from EL COMMUN

The MATOKA series of EL COMMUN, is famous for its chic colors and its minimal covers. 

Limited edition LOFT Rollbahn Diary

Local specialties are drawn on the cover.

At the Delfonics booth, there are standard ring notebooks with famous local food items drawn on Rollbahn covers (¥1,296). Designs like Fukuoka’s seasoned cod roe and Kyoto’s vegetables are quite popular. The journals start from October, so they’re recommended for those who want to use them instantly.

The Wanna Do!! Diary Series 

Wanna Do!! Diary series (¥1,620) is an original LOFT log diary that has a great format for each hobby or place. There are 40 kinds of activities you can choose from, such as bike touring, watching a baseball game, and visiting hot springs and temples. They can be used as sub journals or as life logs for people who manage their schedule in their smartphones.

Original Loft Wanna do!! Diary Series (¥1,620)

Pilot’s Black Diary

Pilot’s Black Diary (¥1,404) uses black paper in all of its pages

Hightide’s Lepre


Desk calendar Lepre comes in four colors (¥1,080). Its cover is made of polyurethane for anti-slipping, so it stays standing on your desk when you need it as a desk calendar. Fold it up, and it can also be converted into a monthly planner.

Midori’s Minimal Diary

The Minimal Diary (¥584) has no extra memos and appendix and is only 3mm thick. For those who want to play with colors, get the Paint Diary (¥1,944) as it lets you color the open spaces and dates depending on your schedule.

Check out these journals at LOFT or at the LOFT Online store.

For more details, you can also visit the LOFT Home Page.

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (13 September 2018)

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