This Store in Shibuya Sells Some of the Most Unique Calendars in Japan

They're perfect for welcoming the new year!

In Japan, the demand for calendars has been increasing with the coming of the new year. It has been quite a popular household item among families, and many stores have quickly jumped into the trend of designing and developing beautiful calendars with various functionalities.

One of these stores is the
Loft, a Japanese chain store selling everyday commodities. The shop has just recently launched its 2019 calendars in all of its branches. There, you can choose from about 1,000 kinds of calendars, ranging from extravagant gold calendars to multi-functional ones. 

Read on to see the selection of calendars available at the
Loft Shibuya Branch:

Loft Shibuya Branch
has a wide assortment of gold and yellow calendars. These calendars are believed to bring good fortune to its owners in terms of money.

Among the featured calendars at the store is the
Gold Bar (¥1,080), which has a gaudy design made to imitate a real gold bar. This calendar is not only beautiful but is very practical as well. It includes to-do lists that will suit the lifestyle and needs of any busy person and brings good luck to anyone who purchases it.

The store’s Gold Bar  calendars (¥1,080) look like real gold bars stacked on top of each other.

Aside from this, the
Panda Nuigurumi Calendar (¥2,160) is also something you might want to buy as a souvenir or a gift. It’s a cute stuffed toy panda wearing a gold medal containing the calendar dates.

Panda Nuigurumi Calendar (¥2,160 for L size, ¥1,620 for S size)

On the other hand, the store’s
Himekuri calendar is a 365-day block calendar that makes use of sticky notes. After peeling them off, you can use each sticky note as a bookmark or organizing tool for your planners or schedule notebooks. Every sticky note is different, has several uses, and features fun designs that can help you manage your schedules more easily. 

The Himekuri calendar (¥1,944) was a product awarded at the Functionality Division of 27th Stationery of the Year awards.

If you’re looking for something more unique, the store also sells a
Toilet Calendar, which contains quizzes, information on past events, and biographies of ancient military commanders. This calendar is ideally used for passing time in the toilet or to start a conversation with your family about the information inside it.

The Toilet calendar (¥1,944) contains lots of helpful facts.

Another calendar that you might find interesting at the store is the one that features President Vladimir Putin on its cover.


President Vladimir Putin’s calendar has already been sold out in some branches.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™,  and Tokyo Walker™ (24 October 2018)

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