These Cute Herbariums Are Becoming a Popular Gift Item in Japan

It's like sunshine in a bottle!

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In recent years, herbariums have been growing more and more popular as home decors in Japan. In addition to the beauty of the flowers arranged inside the glass containers, part of what makes these products a big hit is the fact that the flowers remain fresh even after a long time without special care.

Many gift-giving customs are held during the winter, such as Christmas,
Oseibo (year-end gifts), and the New Year celebrations. Winter is often the time to stay mostly indoors, and having these cute herbariums in your friends’ homes will drive the cold away by making their rooms brighter and livelier.

A commitment to details and colors

One of the important factors to consider when making a herbarium is the color harmony. You should make sure that the type of flowers you’ll be using and their colors perfectly blend.

There are infinite compositions of flowers that can be done. For example, with this green herbarium, the artist used bell-shaped blooms with pale green vertical lines, and green lime fruit, which both differ in shape and in color tone. The herbarium gives off a sense of sophistication because of its aesthetic arrangement despite the elements in the bottle having the same color.

On the other hand, when using different colors of the same flower or using different flowers with a similar color tone, make certain they still produce a unified design.

Paying keen attention to the details is also important in making the herbarium look better. The cap can be adorned with cute little ornaments, wrapped with ribbons, or decorated with a tag tied around the part closest to the opening of the bottle. Details like these help elevate the quality of the herbarium as a home decor. Moreover, putting items like pearls, shells, or colored sand will add to the individuality of each herbarium.

Enhancing the seasonal vibes

A set of elegant herbariums made with the colors of the season in mind can instantly add to the cool ambiance of a room.

In this picture, the square bottle contains a lovely bi-color rose, while the round bottle contains a small flower. The bottle on the right has fur around its bottle cap.

Pearls and pink shells stuffed at the bottom of the bottle create a feminine impression. The round bottle, on the other hand, has a cord which makes it easier to be hung as an ornament on a Christmas tree.


The vibrant contrast between the red flowers and green leaves in this flask-shaped bottle is perfect for the Christmas season.  

The bottle’s design and size makes it a quaint and pretty accent in small spaces. A fine quality of silicon oil is used to keep the plants inside fresh and the bottle clean even during the cold months.

This herbarium conjures the image of an angel alighting on pure snow and illuminations shining brightly in the city.

As a whole, the herbarium’s white and platinum gold elements give a mature and elegant impression. Big and small pearls are connected by a string and attached to the neck of the sharp bottle, like a free-falling necklace.

Regular herbariums as classic decors for the room

These kinds of herbariums can be displayed all year round. They’re highly-recommended for anyone who feels like changing the motif of their room or simply shifting one’s mood.

This simple herbarium creates a natural impression.

For those who have always wanted to have a little bit of green in their room but do not have the time to take care of real plants, the herbarium is the best alternative. The natural herbarium is a combination of different shapes and tones of green plants.

Adding a stem of a white flower and a fragment of lime can make the herbarium look more refreshing. The shade of green gives a relaxing feeling, and putting it on a desk makes the atmosphere fresh.

With red flowers sealed in a rectangular bottle, as in the
Herbarium Smile Mix, a positive attitude is exhibited. Just a glance at the mixture of bright orange flowers with fruits creates an energetic feeling. The inclusion of a lime green flower not only adds to the freshness of the item but also complements the surrounding bright red flowers.

This herbarium is inspired by the colors of the rainbow.

Small flowers and fruits representing the colors of the rainbow fill the urban style, conically shaped bottle. Professional artists have special techniques in layering the flowers to keep the colors from blending with each other. At the bottom of the bottle, Northern Lights colored sand are laid to depict the feeling of joy and fascination when seeing a rainbow.

How about picking out a herbarium for someone special, as a gift to yourself, or simply to add color to your daily life?

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Tokyo Walker™ (15 November 2018)


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