You Need These Minimalist and Multi-Functional Journals In Your Life

Each one has a special purpose!

With only a month left in the year 2018, planners and diaries for 2019 are already lined up in many of Japan’s stationery stores.

Despite the age of smartphones and calendar apps, there are still many people who prefer managing their schedules on printed diaries. A significant number of which are staff members in diary companies.

In this article, we take a look at how Yoshiyuki Masuda and Akane Morino of
Quo Vadis Japan, a Japanese branch of the French diary company Quo Vadis, use their diaries. In addition to this, we also check out the different kinds of journals that the company offers.

Yoshiyuki Masuda, the sales and marketing group chief of Quo Vadis Japan, shows us the newest colors of the leather cover “SOHO”.  

Quo Vadis’
diaries have a unique format and design which feature the dates of one week on the horizontal axis and the time on the vertical axis. Dr. Beltrami, the founder of Quo Vadis, invented this format 60 years ago.

The best part about the company’s diaries is that you get to choose from different kinds of formats, shapes, cover colors, and materials. Aside from this, the design and quality of their diaries also appeal to many of the brand’s fans.

This square-shaped vertical format diary is used by a staff from sales and marketing. His schedules for the day are written along the time axis, while his to-dos are written in the notes section.

This is a vertical format diary used by a female clerical worker in the sales and marketing team of Quo Vadis Japan. She chose a diary with a spiral spine so she can keep it open on her desk. She also writes her schedules on post-its and sticks them on the pages.

A staff member from commodity distributions uses both the monthly and daily diaries in managing her schedules.

This large monthly format diary is being used by a staff from the marketing and PR department as a project managing table.

A worker from the marketing and EC site department manages her to-dos using the bullet-style “Life Journal”. This journal lets its owner write his/her schedules, to-dos, and important notes more freely.

You can opt for a large-sized journal if you’re not going to bring it around.

Last December 2017, the company also started the
Quo Vadis Factory at the French head office, where you can customize your very own diary. There, you can choose from various kinds of formats and time axis and even have the birthdays of your friends or family printed on the pages of your planner.


There are two types of journals in
Quo Vadis’ “LIFE JOURNAL” series - the “DOTS” journal and the “INFINITE” journal.

The “DOTS” and “INFINITE” diaries of the “LIFE JOURNAL” series. 
There are four colors: peach, mint, prune, and blueberry in “DOTS”, and two colors: rose and lavender in “INFINITE”.

“INFINITE” journals are perfect for people who prefer having monthly frames on their planners. On the other hand, the “DOTS” journals are made for those who want to write and arrange their schedules more freely.

The company likewise offers functional and fancy system journals called the “CLUB L ZIP COVER”. This journal is different from the rest because of its L-shaped zipper.

“CLUB L ZIP COVER” has 3 colors - navy, marron, and coral pink. The journal’s colors, design, and functional aspects make it appealing to a lot of people.

“CLUB L ZIP COVER” is recommended for people who want to tuck things inside their journals.

Provided by Japan Walker
TM, WalkerplusTM, and Tokyo WalkerTM (9 November 2018)

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