Fukuoka’s Food Souvenirs Are Gourmet Delicacies

Grab some before you leave!

In Fukuoka, expectations for souvenirs are usually high since it is known as a gourmet capital. In this article, we introduce five souvenirs that are well-loved and popular among tourists and locals alike.

Chocolate Shop’s Hakata no Ishidatami

Contrary to its appearance, Hakata no Ishidatami is fluffy and light.

The most popular among the cakes sold at
Chocolate Shop is the Hakata no Ishidatami (Large size for ¥1,836, small size for ¥432). It is made up of chocolate sponge, chocolate mousse, and fresh cream, which are evenly distributed across the cake’s five layers. In addition to this, its surface is coated with a thin layer of chocolate and chocolate powder.

This detailed and delicate snack was named after the
ishidatami, a stone pavement road in front of Hakata Station, which the owner saw when he was young.

Once you put it in your mouth, you’ll feel the cake melt and exude a rich chocolate taste.

Akai Fusen’s Fondant Fromage

The Fondant Fromage is a smooth combination of fine souffle and cheese cream.  

Fondant Fromage (¥1,728)  is the main product of Akai Fusen, which celebrated its 50th anniversary. The product was reintroduced last July 2018.

It now features a fluffier and moister texture made possible by the Jersey milk from Aso, Kumamoto blended with the Camembert and Mascarpone cheese. The milky feel and flavor of the cheese cream is something that’s surely to be enjoyed by everyone.

Aside from this, the shop also sells
Strawberry Fondant Fromage (¥1,728), which consists of thick strawberry custard cream. You can enjoy its fresh and fruity flavor if you garnish it with Hakata Amao strawberries.

Niwakasenpei Honpo Toundo’s I'm Doraemon Niwakasenpei

I'm Doraemon Niwakasenpei comes in boxes of four, each with three pieces.

I'm Doraemon Niwakasenpei (¥648) is an original product of Niwakasenpei Honpo Toundo that was released in April 2017. Part of what makes it so popular among families with children is the fact that the treats double as Doraemon masks. It goes without saying that the children will definitely have fun playing with it and eating it. Both the biscuits and the retro packaging are also worthy of a picture or two!

Meigetsudo’s Hakata Gyokuro Manju

The Hakata Gyokuro Manju is made from Gyokuro tea leaves.

Hakata Gyokuro Manju (6 pcs. for ¥1,080, 18 pcs. for ¥3,240) boasts of being the most popular items next to the Hakata Torimon (Hakata’s original manju). Fukuoka’s special tea called Yame is thick, less astringent, and has a distinctive sweetness. It is the finest tea that was grown and nurtured in Kuroki Town, a rich natural environment.


gyokuro tea leaves (one kind of green tea leaves)  and fresh cream are kneaded generously into a paste, then it is covered with matcha dough. An exquisite balance of flavors is created through the combination of green tea and fresh cream.

Once you take a bite of the snack, the sweetness of the bean paste, the refreshing flavor of the tea, and the fresh cream will spread throughout your mouth. Our tip: Enjoy it with a cup of tea or coffee.

Nikakudo’s Hakata Potato

Hakata Potato (4 pcs. For ¥562, 20 pcs. for ¥3,132). It is also available in purple yam.

Hakata Potato
is packed with the delicious taste of roasted potatoes. It is made up of sweet potatoes from Kyushu, which becomes even sweeter when baked for a longer time.

The potatoes’ moist and smooth texture complement the taste. The natural sweetness makes these the perfect snacks for children. In addition to this, the
Hakata Murasaki Potato (6 pcs. for ¥865, 20 pcs. for ¥3,132) made with sweet potatoes from Kyushu is also gaining popularity.

Although you’re welcome to eat them as they are, we recommend that you heat the potatoes in a toaster or a microwave oven for best results.

Provided by Japan Walker™, Walkerplus™, and Kyushu Walker™ (15 August 2018)

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