The UNIQLO Essentials You Need to Pack for Japan’s Cold Winters

We've got you covered (literally)!

The winter season in Japan tends to be very cold. At this time of the year, you’ll find many locals and tourists walking around the city wrapped up in layers upon layers of clothing to keep themselves warm.

If you’re thinking about visiting Japan sometime during the winter, you might want to consider shopping for garments and accessories to fend off the cold. In this article, we introduce
UNIQLO’s winter clothes and offer you a list of tips to help prepare you for your next winter trip to Japan.


innerwear will prove to be an essential piece to your winter outfit. You can choose from three types of innerwear that the brand offers depending on your needs and the current winter temperature.

The regular
HEATTECH is best used during the autumn and the spring season. It is perfect for temperatures ranging from 5 to 20 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the EXTRA WARM HEATTECH has the ability to keep you 1.5 times warmer than the regular HEATTECH. It is best worn during the winter months of December to February. Apart from this, UNIQLO offers the ULTRA WARM HEATTECH, which you can wear in cases of extreme cold. It provides approximately 2.25 times more warmth than the regular HEATTECH and is recommended for people who get cold easily and those who plan to participate in winter sporting activities.

Jeans and Leggings

also offers a HEATTECH line for women’s leggings. You can also try the HEATTECH JERSEY LEGGINGS available for both men and women or the wool pants for men.


is easy to bring around and will definitely keep you warm during the harsh cold months of winter. On top of this, the brand also sells different kinds of coats ranging from trendy down coats to wool coats, whose styles change every season.


The best way to keep yourself fully warm is by making sure that your feet are also covered in thick fabric.
UNIQLO offers a variety of socks that you can choose from and wear during the winter season. Our tip: Wear two pairs of socks if it gets really cold.


The shoes that you wear on a regular basis might not be the best ones to bring during the winter season in Japan. That’s why it’s very important that you buy a pair of warm shoes with anti-slip technology to prevent yourself from catching cold feet or getting involved in any untoward accidents on the street.



We highly recommend that you also pack some winter accessories with you such as a knit cap, a scarf, and a pair of gloves. You can find all of these, including the
HEATTECH Function Gloves, at UNIQLO.


Lastly, one item you cannot leave without during the winter in Japan is a heating pack called
Kairo. They come in two different types: one that serves as a pocket warmer and another which you can stick under your clothes.

We suggest that you tuck the
Kairo along the innerwear that’s nearest the small of your back. You can also put it near your stomach or on your foot since they also come in sizes that conveniently fit your socks.

Using these items will definitely help keep yourself warm, and make your Japan winter trip a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.

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