You’ll Only Find These Unique Pocky Flavors in Japan

Some of them can only be bought in specific regions.

Jimoto Pocky (Limited Regional Flavors)

Everyone loves to hoard
Pocky when they’re in Japan. While the classic flavors will always be crowd favorites, there are some limited edition variants that you’ll only find in specific regions. The secret behind these flavors lies in the special ingredients found only within their locality. Mixed with chocolate, these regional ingredients create a creamy and luxurious texture that’s different from the regular Pocky sticks. The pretzels, on the other hand, are made specially without tempering to produce a crispy yet soft texture for the sticks.

Try to find these unique Pocky
flavors during your next trip to Japan!

Yubari Melon (Hokkaido)

This limited edition Pocky’s unique flavor can only be attributed to its Japanese roots. Its sweetness resembles the taste of Mikan oranges and its aroma is similar to those of melons found in Hokkaido. Each stick is made out of 26 percent Yubari Melon juice and is mixed with delicious, creamy chocolate. It’s certainly not the typical melon flavor that you would expect once you try it.

Satounishiki Cherry (Tohoku)

The cherry flavor in this Pocky variant is not too strong since it only uses 6 percent Satounishiki Cherry Juice. Immediately after opening the package, you’ll smell a light cherry aroma on the sticks. Every bite lets you enjoy the exquisite flavor of Japanese cherries that grow only in the Tohoku Region. Its signature tart cherry flavor blends perfectly well with the creamy chocolate. This Pocky flavor will definitely be a big hit among your cherry-loving friends.

Shinshu Kyoho (Shinshu)

The Shinshu Kyoho
Pocky has a rich sweetness and a light tart taste. It is made from 10 percent Shinshu Kyoho juice and chocolate and has several grape bits inside the chocolate. You’ll also immediately smell the sweet grape aroma the moment you open the packaging. This flavor is limited only to the Shinshu Region.

Uji Matcha (Kinki)

The Uji Matcha flavor is different from the regular matcha Pocky flavors. It sets itself apart from the rest with its rich and deep matcha tone mixed with creamy chocolate. Real matcha bits color the chocolate on the pretzels with dark green dots. The soft pretzel also melts perfectly with the chocolate and offers a luxurious feel in the mouth. This Pocky flavor can only be found in Kinki, which is roughly around the Kyoto-Osaka area.

Setouchi Iyokan (Shikoku & Chugoku)

Setouchi Iyokan is a citrus fruit that’s grown in the Setouchi area. It offers a fresh and unique orange citrus taste made from 17 percent Iyokan juice. A fragrant citrus scent bursts out as soon as you open its packaging. With each bite, you’ll feel the tart and creamy flavor of the Setouchi Iyokan getting progressively stronger. Do note that this flavor is only available to the Shikoku and Chugoku area.


Amaou Strawberry (Kyushu)

The Amaou Strawberries are grown in the warmer climates of the Kyushu area, which give the strawberries its unique, deep sweetness and light tart flavor. Made with 8 percent strawberry bits mixed with a creamy chocolate mix, this variant’s flavors burst into your mouth as you chew.

Gorojima Kintoki (Hokuriku)

As soon as you open the packaging of the Gorojima Kintoki Pocky, you are immediately greeted by an aroma similar to baked sweet potatoes. The pretzels’ unique mouthfeel conveys the qualities of the traditional vegetable found in the Hokuriku Region. This Pocky variant is made of 8 percent Gorojima Kintoki Sweet Potato and is limited to the Hokuriku area.  

Amazake (Tokyo)

The Amazake flavor was only recently released last February 5 as Pocky’s 8th Jimoto Pocky Flavor. It was created in collaboration with
Tokyo Minato Jouzo, which has been making sake since 1812.

This Pocky variant has a sweet rice flavor that resembles
Amazake (sweet sake) and is made from select ingredients from Tokyo. Since Amazake is known to be a healthy drink, both adults and children alike will definitely love this latest Pocky flavor. This is only available in the greater Tokyo area.

Jimoto Pocky variants each contain 15 sticks that are bigger than the regular Pocky. Depending on the shop and flavor, the variants cost around ¥800 (without tax) per box.

Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (18 February 2019)

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