Travel Essentials You Can Find at Daiso in Japan

They make life so convenient!

Japan is known for producing high-quality, innovative products that make life so much easier. At Daiso stores in Japan, we found several items perfect for travelers. Read on to learn more!

A container that lets you cook ramen in a microwave oven

No need to boil water!

Cooking ramen usually involves a lot of preparation. You have to boil water and wash every dish that you used for cooking right after. With this innovative product, you can now cook your ramen inside your microwave without having to go through the painstaking process of the usual ramen preparation.

This container is especially useful for people on the go and travelers since it’s quite difficult to look for a stove to boil water with when you’re abroad. Microwaves, on the other hand, are readily available in most, if not all, convenience stores and hotels. You can use this item to cook yourself the perfect bowl of noodles to satisfy your hunger.

A product that allows you to make soft-boiled eggs in a microwave

Make the perfect eggs without fail.

This product allows you to make the perfect soft-boiled eggs using a microwave. It literally does everything for you, including cooking your eggs and controlling the heat, so you can maximize your time and complete other tasks. The best part? You don’t even need to boil water!

When traveling, make sure that you bring this alongside the microwave ramen cooker, so you can enjoy the perfect eggs with your noodles.

Easy Sealer

Anytime, anywhere, guaranteed freshness!

A lot of us like packing light for our trips. We use liquid soaps and shampoos in sachets which usually just end up spilling on our other belongings. At the same time, we also often open food packages without being able to finish all of its contents. Fortunately, we found this multi-purpose re-sealer that will not only prevent spillage, but also keep your food fresh. You can also conveniently bring it with you while traveling since it has a small frame.  

Vacuum seal storage bags

We all need that extra space in our luggage, especially after all the shopping that we do during our trips. While buying a new bag is one option of storing your excess baggage, a much cheaper alternative is to use vacuum seal storage bags.

These storage bags are a great space saver!

You can easily vacuum seal your clothes by simply rolling the air out of the bags until they’re fully compressed. Besides saving space in your luggage during your travels, this handy essential can also be used for storing clothes at home.


Tube squeezer

Squeezing out toothpaste from its tube can get really annoying, especially when you’re down to the last few remnants, but with this convenient squeezer, you can get every last bit of the paste easy.

Just insert the end part of the tube and roll away!

You can also use it for other tube products as well, including condiments and skincare items. In addition to this, the tube squeezer comes with a hook, so you can easily hang it anywhere.

With these innovative Japanese goods from Daiso, you’re guaranteed to have a more hassle-free and convenient trip.

Provided by Karaksa Media Partner (20 February 2019)

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