You Have to Try Tokyo Banana’s Cute Limited Edition Flavors

They're only available in selected stores!

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Tokyo Banana. The cream-filled sponge cake that’s shaped like a banana is a constant pasalubong favorite among Pinoys and was even considered the number one food souvenir in Japan in 2016*. While it’s easy to find Tokyo Banana treats in Japan, there are some limited edition flavors that are only available in select locations. Read on to find out what they are and where you can get them!

Tokyo Banana Racco: Coffee Milk Flavor

Tokyo Banana Racco: Coffee Milk Flavor is designed as an otter holding a bottle of milk coffee over its stomach and was inspired by how otters treat their tummies like a table.


Inside the sponge cake is a coffee milk banana cream filling that stays true to the brand’s recognized flavor. This food souvenir has become so popular that sales have been extended until further notice.

This souvenir item is available in three sets: ¥515 for 4 pieces, ¥1,080 for 8 pieces, and ¥1,595 for 12 pieces (SRP tax included). You can find these at Daimaru Tokyo, JR Tokyo Station, JR Shinagawa Station, JR Ueno Station, JR Omiya Station, selected Tokyo Banana World Stores, and major airports.

Tokyo Banana Panda: Banana Yogurt Flavor

The birth of Shan Shan, a panda at the Ueno Zoo, kick-started a wave of Shan Shan-themed items around Japan. One of them is the Tokyo Banana Panda, a banana yogurt cream-filled sponge cake featuring an adorable panda design. From outside, you’ll notice that the panda cakes are all nicely snuggled up inside the box.

The little pandas look cozy inside their packaging.

This souvenir item is available in three sets: ¥515 for 4 pieces, ¥1,080 for 8 pieces, and ¥1,595 for 12 pieces (SRP tax included). You can only find this at the JR Ueno Station, JR Tokyo Station, Daimaru Tokyo, Tokyo Solamachi, and selected Tokyo Banana World Stores.

Tokyo Banana Castella Maple “Mitsuketa!”

Tokyo Banana
cakes typically come in sponge cake form. However, the Tokyo Banana Castella Maple is made from baking a whole castella cake and cutting it into banana-shaped pieces. These pieces are cut perfectly using a special pressurized water cutting system.

Tokyo Banana Castella Maple

Tokyo Banana Castella Maple has a light banana flavor enveloped in maple castella. It is available in three sets: ¥702 for 4 pieces, ¥1,188 for 8 pieces, and ¥1,782 for 12 pieces (SRP tax included) and can be purchased at the Haneda Airport.

Tokyo Banana x Hello Kitty: HELLO KITTY APPLE CAKE

The popular Tokyo Banana x Hello Kitty collaboration just got an upgrade!


HELLO KITTY APPLE CAKE is so popular among tourists in Japan that it has sold over 2,400,000 pieces in the span of a year. In celebration of Tokyo Banana x Hello Kitty renewed collaboration, an apple cream cake souvenir that’s even better and cuter than its previous variety was launched.

Tokyo Banana
used their expertise and creativity in making these Hello Kitty-designed fluffy sponge cakes. These food souvenirs are filled with two different flavors: apple jam and custard cream.

This limited edition souvenir is only available at the International Terminals of Narita and Haneda Airport. Its rareness is more than enough reason to grab this food delicacy.

The newest version of the souvenir has been available since March 1 and comes in two sets: ¥648 for 4 pieces and ¥1,188 for 8 pieces (SRP tax included). Find them at Fa-So-La in Narita Airport and Tokyo Souvenir Shop North at Haneda International Airport. 

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* In the year 2016. Based on a Survey conducted May 12-15, 2017, by INTAGE Inc.

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